[VIDEO+TRANS] CNBLUE★mobile Message

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 [CNBLUE☆MOBILE]  To all fanclub members


All: Good afternoon, we are CNBLUE!
Yonghwa: Thank you very much for always anticipating “CNBLUE☆MOBILE”!
Jonghyun: The site has been opened, thus we feel that the distance between CNBLUE and all of our fans will become more and more closer!
Minhyuk: And then, about the movie comments.
We are also very happy that we can receive messages from everyone in Japan.
Jungshin: Also from now on you can see our latest information, our plans, featuring songs, etc only on this site.This site will bring you all about CNBLUE, so please enjoy it! The end, this was CNBLUE.
All: The end, this was CNBLUE!

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[NEWS] Jung Yonghwa & Park Shin Hye to star in a new drama together


CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa and actress Park Shinhye may get a second chance at love! The two have been asked to star in Producer Pyo Minsoo’s new MBC drama, ‘Festival’, which is planned to air in June.

“‘Festival’ is a youth melo drama based on a school of performing arts,” a production staff member relayed while on the phone with Newsen on the 24th. The staff member explained,  ”The male lead is a band member at school. We couldn’t decide between choosing an actor who could play an instrument or a singer. We offered the role to Jung Yonghwa because he has acted before.

Jung Yonghwa is seriously considering taking the role. His agency FNC Music confirmed that Yonghwa did get the offer, but his conflict lies with CNBLUE’s comeback, slated for the fourth week of March.

Meanwhile, Park Shinhye’s agency Aba Entertainment said that they liked the story-line. “We think Park Shinhye can show off her charm by acting as a lively young girl,” said the agency. “The script is funny. We are currently in talks with the production team, and we’ll decide soon.” Park Shinhye, who starred in the movie ‘Cyrano: Dating Agency’, is about to begin classes at Joongang University.

The two have already acted together through the 2009 SBS drama, ‘You’re Beautiful’. At that time, Park Shinhye played ‘Go Minam‘, who fell in love with Jang Geunsuk’s character, ‘Hwang Taekyung‘; however, Jung Yonghwa’s character, ‘Kang Shinwoo‘, loved ‘Go Minam’ intensely.
Many “You’re Beautiful” fans are already buzzing over the possibility of another drama with Yonghwa and Shinhye, as they portrayed a popular couple together.

Source: Newsen via Nate
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[TWITTER] Yonghwa Update twitter 2011.02.23


[ Yonghwa tweet ]

[ English Translation ]

  • Last holiday tweet heheh the night view is wonderful!!! I'm sorry that it's a bit late.^^


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