[INFO] CNBLUE rank #7 on Japan Fancafe ranking for Korean Idols


1. TVXQ (98774)
2. Kara (66655)
3. Big Bang (32286)
4. SHINee (24427)
5. 2NE1 (21748)
6. Super Junior (19885)
7. CNBlue (19134)
8. 2PM (13163)
9. Beast (11367)
10. 4Minute (7607)
11. ZE:A (6768)
12. f(x) (6495)
13. U-Kiss (6387)
14. Brown Eyed Girls (5886)
15. MBLAQ (5448)
16. 2AM (5428)
17. T-ara (5404)
18. Wonder Girls (3852)
19. After School (2431)
20. IU (1840)

Source: dailykpopnews.net
Credit: bigbanghaven
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[VIDEO+TRANS] Yonghwa on ENews Behind Stars Interview


Credit : tjinda28@youtube

Rough translation Credit to saturn.@soompi cnblu

#Questions are omitted in the video. The brain diagram was not drawn by Yonghwa but TVN.


Q:How was your feeling when 'A song for first time lovers' did all-kill?

Yonghwa : I was in Japan when it was released, I was very happy to hear that.
I made up my mind that I must make better songs a lot from now.

Q: What do you think is the reason people like this song?

Yonghwa : Easy melody for people to listen to, and people liked the lyric too.

Q: What was Seohyun's reaction to hear this news?

Yonghwa : I heard she listened to this song well too. So I felt good too.
*Introduction about 'Love revolution' which Yonghwa wrote lyric*

Q:Your mother appeared at wgm. How was her after that?

Yonghwa : Mother is feeling very embarrassed. After the show, she is taking a lot of phone calls from her friends. *video of 'Behind the star' 1 year ago*

Q: You are going so well in Japan.

Yonghwa : 'Going so well' is too much. But I think all concerts were very good. Really! We could be satisfied.*videos of Japan street*

Yonghwa : We are performing concerts in Japan. There are many people who became our fans after watched our concerts.Also the drama 'You are beautiful' was loved a lot in Japan. That was also helpful to us.
*video of YAB making* 

Q: You were fiercely competed against Minhyuk for the Shinwoo role.Did you know  Minhyuk teared after the role went to you?

Yonghwa : Yes, I knew it. At the audition, I did my lines first then I was casted immediately. Minhyuk even couldn't do his lines. So it's nothing to be called a competition.
Minhyuk! It's OK we can do better drama.

Q: After that Minhyuk did drama, how is your estimation as a senior actor?

Yonghwa : I really enjoyed it. When I see our members do acting, I feel they are so cute. They were cute.

Q: Who is your role model as an actor?

Yonghwa : I want to be an actor like Jang Dong Geun.He is doing good acting, and he was a singer before and I heard a lot that he has very good personality.

Q: Aren't you interested in the movie?

Yonghwa : I am interesed in movie a lot too. I want to try any kinds of role. Then I want to find out the most appropriate role to me.

- 100 seconds interview -

Q: What CNBLUE means to you?
Yonghwa : Family.

Q: What WGM means to you?
Yonghwa : I am working hard as much as I was helped a lot by it.

Q: Frankly, who do you think is more valuable? You or Seohyun?
Yonghwa : I think Seohyun is more valuable.

Q: Do you think Seohyun has top look among all celebrities? 
Yonghwa : Yes, I do.

Q: Who is your close celebrity?
 Yonghwa : FT island.

Q: Do you still think Jjajangmyun of Busan is better than Seoul?
Yonghwa : Yes, I do.

Q: Praise yourself one thing.
 Yonghwa : Uh... Uh...

Q: Answer quickly!
Yonghwa : I work hard...?

Q: Were you good at score in your childhood?
Yonghwa : Uh.. normal.

Q: What grade?
Yonghwa : I was in top 10 in my class.

Q: Were you popular from girls?
Yonghwa : Just medium, not much not little.

Q: You are from Uljjang, Are you confident of your look?
Yonghwa : Uh...

Q: Don't think. Just answer quickly.   
Yonghwa : I think... I just have some attraction.

Q: Uljjang picture, did you upload it by yourself?   
Yonghwa : I uploaded it at my mini hompy.

Q: Evaluate your look. What score?
Yonghwa: .....

Q: Answer quickly!
Yonghwa : 60 points.

Q: What music means to Jung Yonghwa?
Yonghwa : For me, music is my friend.

Q: What acting means to Jung Yonghwa?
Yonghwa : A stepping stone which let me stretch out toward new area.

Q: You said your score of look is 60 points.

Yonghwa : It's my first time to estimate my own look. I have both good points and bad points.
But I think I have 10% more of good points.
*old pictures, and old video.*

Yonghwa : When I was a child, I had a dream of being a president, doctor or others. As I grow older, my dream became a singer. 

Since when I was a child, my brother listened to pop songs a lot, I could be interesed in music too.*FT island video*

Hongki : CNBLUE friends couldn't even raise their heads in front of us.

Minhwan : When I pass them, Minhyuk ran to me and bowed me in 90 degrees saying, "Annyung hasipnika!!"
I said, "Ah ye ye..." We became close after meeting 3 times. we became close so quickly.

Q: CNBLUE and FTisland may have competitive spirit to each other?

Yonghwa : There's no such thing. People say that because we both are bands. But CNBLUE and FTisland have totally different color and music style.

Q: About your gesture and smile on the stage.

Yonghwa : Smile look beautiful when you really want to smile, not an artificial one.

Yonghwa : I will keep working harder with better music. CNBLUE is coming back very soon. Please support us a lot. I will be hard working Jung Yonghwa.


Q: Bagaimanakah perasaan kamu apabila lagu ‘ A Song for first time lovers’ begitu membunuh?
Yonhwa: saya masih di Jepun sewaktu ia dikeluarkan,saya amat gembira mendengarnya.
Saya tetapkan di dalam fikiran saya bahawa saya akan membuat banyak lagu yang baik
dari sekarang.

Q: Apakah yang kamu fikir sebab orang menyukai lagu ini?
Yonghwa: Melodi yang mudah untuk didengari dan mereka menyukai liriknya juga.

Q: Apakah reaksi Seohyun mendengar berita ini?
Yonghwa: Saya tahu dia juga mendengar lagu ini. Jadi saya rasa bagus.
*Pengenalan tentang ‘Love Revolution’ dimana lirik ditulis oleh Yonghwa*

Q: Ibu kamu membuat penampilan dalam wgm. Bagaimanakah dia selepas itu?
Yonghwa: Ibu merasa sangat malu. Selepas siaran, dia mendapat banyak panggilan  dari kawan-kawannya.
*video 'Behind the star' 1 tahun lalu*

Q: Kamu sangat bagus di Jepun
Yonghwa : 'Sangat bagus’ itu macam berlebih sangat. Tapi saya fikir smua konsert sangat baik. Betul ni! Kami sangat berpuas hati...
*video jalanan di Jepun*

Yonghwa : Kami mengadakn konsert di Jepun. Ramai orang di sana yang menjadi peminat kami selepas menonton konsert kami. Dan juga drama 'You are beautiful' sangat disukai di Jepan. Ia juga membantu kami.
*video pembikinan YAB * 

Q: Kamu dikatakan berasing hebat menentang  Minhyuk untuk watak Shinwoo. Adakah kamu mengetahui Minhyuk menangis setelah kamu mendapat watak itu?
Yonghwa : Ya, saya mengetahuinya. Semasa ujibakat, saya melakukannya dulu selepas itu saya terus diambil berlakon. Minhyuk sendiri tidak sempat menunjukkan bakatnya. Jadi ini bukanlah dikira persaingan.
Minhyuk! Tak apa.. kita boleh lakukan yang lebih baik dalam drama.

Q: Selepas itu Minhyuk melakonkan drama, bagaimanakah kamu menilainya sebagai pelakon yang lebih senior?
Yonghwa : Saya sangat menyukainya. Apabila melihat ahli sekumpulan berlakon, saya rasa mereka sangat comel. Mereka sememangnya comel.

Q: Siapakah role model kamu sebagai pelakon?
Yonghwa : Saya ingin menjadi seperti Jang Dong Geun. Beliau  berlakon dengan baik, dan beliau pernah menjadi seorang penyanyi dulu dan saya juga banyak mendengar yang beliau mempunyai personaliti yang baik.

Q: Tidakkah kamu berminat dalam filem?
Yonghwa : Saya berminat dalam filem juga. Saya mahu mencuba semua jenis watak. Selepas itu saya ingin mengetahui watak yang manakah yang paling sesuai dengan saya.

-  Interview 100 saat -

Q: Apakah CNBLUE bagi kamu?
Yonghwa : Keluarga.

Q: Apakah WGM kepada kamu?

Yonghwa : Saya bekerja kuat sebagaimana saya banyak dibantu olehnya.

Q:Sebetulnya, kamu fikir siapa yang lebih berharga? Kamu atau Seohyun?
Yonghwa: Saya fikir  Seohyun lebih berharga.

Q: Adakah kamu fikir Seohyun paling cantik dalam kalangan semua artis?
Yonghwa: Ya, saya fikir begitu.

Q: Siapakah artis yang kamu rapat?
Yonghwa: FT island.

Q: Adakah kamu masih fikir  Jjajangmyun di  Busan bagus dari Seoul?
Yonghwa: Ya, saya fikir begitu.

Q: Puji  diri kamu dengan satu pekara...
Yonghwa: Uh... Uh...

Q:Jawab cepat!
Yonghwa:Saya kerja kuat...?

Q: Adakah kamu mendapat markah terbaik  pada zaman kanak-kanak kamu?
Yonghwa: Uh.. normal.

Q:Gred apa??
Yonghwa: Saya mendapat tempat 10 teratas dalam kelas .

Q: Adakah kamu popular dari perempuan?
Yonghwa: Sedang-sedang. Tak banyak tak sikit .

Q: Kamu dari Uljjang, Adakah kamu yakin dengan penampilan kamu?
Yonghwa: Uh...

Q: Jangan fikir. Jawab dengan cepat.
Yonghwa: Saya rasa... saya ada sedikit daya penarik .

Q: gambar Uljjang , adakah kamu uploadnya sendiri?
Yonghwa: Saya uploadnya pada  mini hompy saya.

Q: Nilaikan rupa kamu. Berapakah markah?
Yonghwa: .....

Q: Jawab cepat!
Yonghwa: 60 markah.

Q: Apakah makna muzik bagi Jung Yonghwa?
Yonghwa: Bagi saya , muzik adalah sahabat saya.

Q: Apakah makna lakonan bagi Jung Yonghwa?
Yonghwa: Sebagai batu loncatan yang dapat membuat sya menerokai bidang yang baru.
Q: Kamu kata markah kepada rupa kamu ialah 60.
Yonghwa: Ini ialah pertama kali saya menganggarkan rupa saya sendiri. Saya ada kedua-dua markah baik dan markah buruk.
Tapi saya fikir saya ada 10% lebih kepada markah baik.
(gambar lama , video lama)
Yonghwa: Semasa saya masih kecil, saya pernah bercita-cita menjadi presiden,doctor dan sebagainya. Semakin saya meningkat remaja, saya bercita-cita untuk menjadi seorang penyanyi.
Sejak kecil lagi.abang saya mendengar banyak lagu pop , saya boleh berminat dengan muzik juga.
(video FT island)
Hongki: Kawan kami CNBLUE  tidak menegakkan kepala mereka dihadapan kami.
Minhwan: Apabila saya melepasi mereka , Minhyuk  berlari kea rah saya dan menundukkan kepala sehingga 90 darjah sambil berkata, "Annyung hasipnika!!"
Saya kata, "Ah ye ye..." Kami menjadi rapat selepas berjumpa 3 kali. Kami menjadi rapat dengan cepat.
Q: Adakan CNBLUE dan FTisland mempunyai semangat bersaing sesame sendiri?
Yonghwa: Tidak ada perkara seperti itu. Orang mengatakannya kerana kami adalah band. Tapi CNBLUE dan FTisland sememangnya mempunyai warna dan stail muzik yang berbeza.

Q: Tentang pergerakkan tangan dan senyuman kamu di pentas.
Youghwa: Senyuman akan kelihatan sangat cantik apabila kamu sememangnya ingin senyum,bukan palsu semata-mata.
Yonghwa: Saya akan tetap bekerja keras dengan menghasilkan muzik yang terbaik. CNBLUE akan kembali tak lama lagi. Sila sokong kami sebanyak yang mungkin. Saya akan menjadi Jung Yonghwa yang berkerja keras..

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[NEWS] Jung Yonghwa is chosen as the model for Hazzys Accessory 2011.02.09



The currently highly popular dandy man representative, Jung Yonghwa, the leader of the band CNBLUE, has been chosen as the new model for the 2011 S/S season of LG Fashion’s casual accessory brand HAZZYS Accessory.

Jung Yonghwa receives a lot of love from many women through his dandy appearance and young mischievous look, and has been titled as the ‘Boyfriend Idol’, the Idol that you would like to have as a boyfriend. During the first half of 2011, CNBLUE has been preparing for the release of their first studio album as well as overseas concerts, but even with a packed busy schedule on the go, he stills receives many love calls from advertisers, realizing his high popularity.

LG fashion HAZZYS Accessory deputy BPU Kim Hak Il states, “The image that he potrays in We Got Married 2 as well as in other variety shows, is a soft, comfortable image along with a posh fashionable style. The always cool Jung Yonghwa matches Hazzys Accessory’s concept of classic and trend, leading him to be selected for the advertising model. We will be releasing an innovative and diverse advertising and marketing program with Jung Yonghwa.”

Together with Hazzys Accessory, many events are expected to take place for the customers to be able to become closer to the new face of Hazzys Accessory, Jung Yonghwa, for the S/S season.


Lelaki kacak yang sedang meningkat naik kini, Jung Yonghwa, ketua kumpulan CNBLUE, telah dipilih sebagai model baru untuk musim panas dan bunga (summer and spring) 2011 bagi jenama assesori kasual LG Fashion iaitu HAZZYS assesori.

Jung Yonghwa yang semakin diminati khususnya oleh ramai peminat wanita melalui penampilan kacak dengan rupa pemuda nakal ini telah diberi gelaran ‘Boyfriend Idol’, dimana sang idola yang ingin dijadikan teman lelaki. Bagi separuh tahun 2011, CNBLUE telah menbuat persediaan untuk mengeluarkan album studio pertama mereka juga bagi konsert di luar negera serta mengikuti jadual yang sedia padat dengan aktiviti tetapi beliau masih menerima panggilan dari syarikat pengiklanan yang menyedari popularitinya yang tinggi.

Wakil dari LG Fashion HAZZYS Assesori BPU Kim Hak Il menyatakan,” Imej yang dimainkannya dalam We Got Married 2 sepertimana juga rancangan hiburan lain, sangat lembut,imej selesa dengan stail bintang yang moden. Jung Yonghwa yang sentiasa cool sangat padan dengan konsep HAZZYS Assesori yang klasik dan trendy,dan ini membuatkan beliaun dipilih sebagai model iklan. Kami akan menerbitkan sebuah iklan yang inovatif dan pelbagai beserta program pemasaran dengan Jung YongHwa. "

Bersama dengan HAZZYS Assesori, pelbagai acara akan dilakukan supaya pelanggan lebih rapat dan mengenali muka baru HAZZYS Assesori, Jung Yonghwa bagi musim pnas dan musim bunga ini.

Photos of  Yonghwa Endorsment Hazzys Brand : http://hazzysacc.blog.me/30093086893

Source: Fashion Journal
Translation Credit to :
blue_jus7 @ Code Azzurro

Malay translation by : tifa@cnbluebeat
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[ORDERS] CNBLUE 2nd Single DVD & CNBLUE Live Magazine.

Hello Boice!!
Remember few weeks ago we had a quick survey regarding anyone interested to buy CNBLUE 2nd Single Release Live Tour -Listen To The CNBLUE DVD and CNBLUE Live Magazine Vol.1?
Well we've just received the price for each items.

CNBLUE 2nd Single Release Live Tour -Listen To The CNBLUE = RM110
CNBLUE Live Magazine Vol.1 = RM135
If you buy both items in single order you only pay RM240.
Dateline for both items is on 9/2/2011. So get your 'angpao' money and spend for these!! LOL

Our friend GO MY-STORE will take order of these items on behalf of us. CNBLUEBEAT will not taking any orders as for now since our admins are busy, and we are going to recruit more staffs soon.
Send your order or any questions regarding all items at these emails:

Thank you.

*Sorry, we have to close down for this order early due to circumstances. We might not taking order for these items in the future again.*
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[NEWS] CNBLUE postpone release date for their first studio album 2011.02.09



The popular idol band CNBLUE’s first studio album release is expected to be postponed for around 2 weeks than originally planned.

Today, the 9th of February, on CNBLUE’s homepage the countdown timer is showing “D-14″ until the release of the album. If we calculate ‘D-’14′ from the 9th, it would be February 23rd.

But as the album production is running behind, consequently the album release has to be postponed. CNBLUE’s agency has stated that they will soon adjust the countdown timer to set the correct time.

CNBLUE is currently in Japan shooting an MV for their first album, but as the latter part of the album will take more time to be completed, the delay is inevitable. The representatives from CNBLUE’s agency said that more new songs keep on coming, so to be able to show more of CNBLUE’s charm they are considering to add additional songs to the album. As a result, the agency officials have announced that the album release will be postponed till March than initially planned.

CNBLUE’s representatives also stated, “For CNBLUE’s first album, there are many parts that needs to be taken care of. In this album, there are a few songs that the members write and compose themselves and to further improve the quality of the album, the delay seems inevitable.”

CNBLUE also shows their regret through the agency: “To the fans who have been waiting for the album all this time, we will make up for it with great songs.”


Album studio pertama kumpulan idol popular CNBLUE akan ditunda untuk sekitar 2 minggu dari tarikh sebenar seperti yang dirancangkan.

Hari ini, 9hb Februari, dalam laman web CNBLUE pembilang masa menunjukkan “D-14” sehingga album akan dilancarkan. Jika mengira ‘D-14’ dari 9 hb, ianya akan menjadi 23 hb Februari.

Oleh kerana penghasilan album masih berjalan, maka keluaran album harus ditunda. Agensi  menyatakan bahawa mereka akan segera mengatur semula pembilang masa untuk menetapkan masa yang tepat.

CNBLUE kini sedang menjalani penggambaran untuk MV bagi album pertama mereka di Jepun, tetapi sebagai proses  akhir bagi album ini akan memerlukan lebih banyak masa untuk disiapkan, jadi penangguhan itu tak dapat dielakkan dari berlaku. Wakil dari agensi turut mengatakan bahawa lebih banyak lagu pada masa akan datang, dan ianya akan menyerlahkan lagi pesona CNBLUE mengikut kepada penambahan lagu dalam album. Sebagai keputusannya,secara rasmi agensi harus menggumumkan bahawa album akan ditangguhkan sehingga Mac dari yang dirancang.

Wakil CNBLUE menambah lagi, “ Bagi album pertama CNBLUE, terdapat banyak bahagian yang harus dijaga. Dalam album kali ini, terdapat beberapa buah lagu yang ditulis oleh ahli dan dicipta oleh  mereka sendiri dan demi meningkatkan quality album, penangguhan terpaksa dilakukan.

CNBLUE juga mempamerkan kekesalan mereka melalui agensi: “ Untuk para peminat yang telah menunggu kedatangan album selama ini, kami akan mencantikkannya dengan lagu yang hebat.

Source: The Star Chosun & Code Azzuro
Translation Credit to :
blue_jus7 @ Code Azzurro
Malay translation by : tifa@cnbluebeat
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