CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa released a special digital rearrangement of the 'Banmal Song' that was created by him and his ‘wife’, SNSD’s Seohyun, on MBC’s “We Got Married.”

Re-titled to “For First-Time Lovers (Subtitle: ‘Banmal Song’),” the track was released on January 14th and features lovely lyrics expressing Yonghwa’s message for first-time lovers in helping them get closer. The rearranged version has an easy-to-follow melody with a light acoustic sound.

The ‘Banmal Song’ itself has been attracting wide popularity ever since the couple composed it as a UCC mission. It has received over two million views since it was uploaded on YouTube, and various parodies have also emerged.

Check it out below:

For The First Time Couple In Love (BANMAL SONG)
By Jung YongHwa


맨처음 너를 보던 날
수줍기만 하던 너의 맑은 미소도
오늘이 지나면 가까워 질거야
매일 설레는 기대를 해
무슨 말을 건네 볼까
어떻게 하면 네가 웃어줄까
손을 건네보다 어색해질까봐
멋쩍은 웃음만 웃어봐
우리 서로 반말하는 사이가 되기를
아직 조금 서투르고 어색한데도
고마워요 라는 말투 대신
좀 더 친하게 말을 해줄래
우리 서로 반말하는 사이가 될거야
한걸음씩 천천히 다가와
이젠 내 두눈을 바라보며 말을 해줄래
널 사랑해
너와의 손을 잡던날
심장이 멈춘듯한 기분들에
무슨말 했는지 기억조차 안나
마냥 설레는 기분인걸
우리 서로 반말하는 사이가 되기를
아직 조금 서투르고 어색한데도
고마워요 라는 말투 대신
좀 더 친하게 말을 해줄래
우리 서로 반말하는 사이가 될거야
한걸음씩 천천히 다가와
이젠 내 두눈을 바라보며 말을 해줄래
널 사랑해

우리 서로 사랑하는 사이가 되기를
잡은 두손 영원히 놓지 않을꺼야
바라보는 너의 눈빛속에
행복한 미소만 있길 바래
우리 서로 사랑하는 사이가 될꺼야
아껴주고 편히 기대면 되
너를 보는 나의 두 눈빛이
말하고 있어
널 사랑해


The day when I first saw you
Your bright smile full of shyness
we'll get closer after today
every day, I have heart-fluttering expectations
what to say to you
how to get you to laugh
I fear it'll get awkward when I try to hold your hand
all I can do is smile shyly

Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other
even though it's still awkward and unfamiliar
instead of saying 'thank you'
talk to me in a friendlier way

Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other
you walk towards me slowly, step by step
now look at my two eyes and tell me
I love you

The day when I held your hand
I felt my heart stop beating
I don't even remember what I said
All I feel is a flutter in my stomach

Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other
even though it's still awkward and unfamiliar
instead of saying 'thank you'
talk to me in a friendlier way

Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other
you walk towards me slowly, step by step
now look at my two eyes and tell me
I love you

Hopefully we can fall in love with each other
I'll never let go of your two hands from my grasp
the light of your eyes, gazing at me
I hope there will only be joyful smiles

Hopefully we can fall in love with each other
We can lean on one another and take care of each other
Looking into your eyes, my two eyes
they're talking to you
I love you

Translation Credit: MountainMadman@SoompiSweetPotatoThread
Video Credit: iHoneydew@YT
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[NEWS]CNBLUE's Jung Yong-hwa releases song for first time couples


   Cover of CNBLUE's Jung Yong-hwa's tune "A Song For First-Time Lovers" [FNC Music]

Cover of CNBLUE's Jung Yong-hwa's tune "A Song For First-Time Lovers" [FNC Music]
Korean rock band CNBLUE member Jung Yong-hwa will release a song for first time couples tomorrow, according to his agency FNC Music on Thursday.

FNC announced in a press release that a re-arranged solo version of Yong-hwa's and Girls' Generation member Seo-hyun's duet song, whose translated title is "Speak Easy Song," will be unveiled on Friday under the name "A Song For First-Time Lovers."

"Speak Easy Song," which was composed and written by Yong-hwa and Seo-hyun, was first revealed on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBdzs8eBQ1I) and on MBC’s reality show “We Got Married” on January 8.

The video clip of the two idol singers singing the song has been viewed by over two million fans from around the world, while a number of local and international fans have uploaded their own covers of the tune.

Known as "YongSeo couple" on "We Got Married," Yong-hwa and Seo-hyun made their first appearance on the show as a make-believe couple in February last year.

Jung, who gained popularity through his appearance in TV series "Minamishineyo" last year, is currently the leader of four-member boy band CNBLUE. They rose to fame in Korea after the release of their song "Alone" and the group is currently on four-city concert tour in Japan.

Seo-hyun is one of the lead singers in nine-member girl group Girls' Generation. They have released a score of hit songs such as "Gee," "Genie," "Oh!" and "Run Devil Run" since their debut in 2007.

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Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@
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[FAN ACCOUNT] Reviews of Zepp Tour in Osaka & Fukuoka


Credit : wakajuhng@twitter

*Credit saturn.@soompi cnblue "I collected some reviews of Zepp tour, from Japanese blogs, twitters, DC Yonghwa gallery etc "*

Zepp Osaka (Jan.09)

Yonghwa's voice condition was better than Dec.24 Busan cocnert.
Jonghyun called himself 'Ore' as a joke. He should have said 'Boku', for man to lower himself.
Ore is what man raises himself. It sounds arrogant. But it suited Jonghyun well.
Fans liked it, so even Minhyuk called himself Ore later, but it didn't suit him and MH himself felt shy after saying it.

Yonghwa imitated Kimura Takuya in the drama 'Engine'. They seemed to love Kimura's drama a lot.

Their Japanese language were really improved. But while Jungshin spoke some long speech, he forgot and broght a paper on the amp and read it.
Others shouted him, "Hey hey!" But Jonghyun and Minhyuk read some later.
Minhyuk's speech was difficult, so fans could understand, but Jonghyun's speech was about his songs.
Only Yonghwa didn't see the paper, he was proud of himself about it, but actually there's no difficult words in Yonghwa's speech.

Jonghyun said, "Actually my song was supposed to be the title song in this album.
But it is said that Yonghwa's song was arranged in winter mood and the last song should be powerful song.
So it became this order. I am sorry about it." He really looked missing it.

Attraction(Miryoku) and Minhyuk's name in Japanese (Minhyoku) sound similar. So Yonghwa kept pronouncing the wrong word on purpose. He said 'Minhyuk-like' which should be 'attractive'. It made fans laugh. Yonghwa must be very smart.

Jungshin: Next song is the OST of Jonghyun and Minhyuk's movie, do you know the movie?
Fans: Yes!
Jonghyun: Eh? Liar! People hardly know it even in Korea.
Jungshin: This movie is... in Korea, only minimum people watched it and the main actors' acting was... (sad face)
Yonghwa: I was at 'You're Beautiful'. Ko Min Nam! (What did he mean?)
Jungshin: If you want to keep liking these two persons, you'd better not watch this movie.
Jonghyun,Minhyuk: (speechless, just bitter smiling)

What they want to do this year,
Yonghwa: I want to perform a lot of concerts.
Fans: In Japan!
Yonghwa: In Japan, in Korea and worldwide.
Jonghyun: I want to keep singing happily just like now.
Minhyuk: I want to increase my drums skill.
Jungshin: I want to level-up my bass, level-up my height.
Fans: No, no height!

Today's Yonghwa playing the guitar was more than sexy, he was erotic. (What did he do)


Zepp Fukuoka (Jan.11)

Fans' response was less than Osaka, but CNBLUE members looked happier in Fukuoka.
Later they said they were happy because of the Oricon chart.
Concert time was about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Yonghwa wore black and white sweater, he was well prepared with the Japanese comments.
Yonghwa shouted 'Everyone! Long time no see!", Jonghyun said, "Hey, it's our first time in Fukuoka."
Yonghwa said Zepp tour was his long dream since street live days.
He shouted 'Let's run!" at first, later he shouted in Banmal "Run!" which stimulated the audience even more.
Yonghwa once sang in wrong lyric because he was too excited. He apologized it in small voice, "I'm sorry."
Eveytime Jungshin spoke something, Yonghwa interrupted him and nitpicked.
Yonghwa wore a star necklace, Jungshin wore a guitar-pick necklace.
While front 3 guys were making endless nonsense jokes, Minhyuk cut them shouting, "What are you talking about!" Jonghyun said, "Minhyuk is our hidden leader."

New 3 songs were really wonderful. Especially drums were emphasized, so Minhyuk was 'unbearably' gorgeous.

Jungshin said he studied Japanese language everyday. And said something to Jonghyun.
Jonghyun said to Jungshin, "I will kill you!" (He said it before), Yonghwa pointed it out, "Don't speak a bad word."
Minhyuk was really excited. At Lovelight, he beated so powerfuly which should be calm.

After Jonghyun's splendid adlib guitar solo, Yonghwa asked him what's the theme of this performing.
Jonghyun answered, "It's my feeling." This time he called himself 'Ore' again. His arrogant title suited him well.
When they said something in wrong Japanese, the audience laughed and shouted "Cheer up!" (Kanbate)
Then Jonghyun asked, "Did I make any mistake again? Among all Japanese words, 'Kanbate' is most frightening."

Yonghwa's voice was good today.
But Jonghyun's voice in live, he was just sexy. (Is it Jonghyun's turn to be sexy in Fukuoka? Who is next then?)
Two guys's singing voice were too beautiful, even dangerous.

When Jungshin said something, Jonghyun picked a quarral with him, then Jungshin never be defeated and opposed Jonghyun.
Yonghwa interrupted when Minhyuk tried to make a joke. (Why elder brothers like to tease their dongsaeng)

Jonghyun said, "I know I must study Japanese language harder, but my Korean language pronounciation is not good yet." He tortured himself.
In Osaka, they stole a look at the paper, but in Fukuoka, they memorized all perfectly.

Yonghwa's new year goal is to be a momjjang (good body shape, maybe for the drama)

The last song 'arigato', Jonghyun started, then Yonghwa, Jungshin, Minhyuk sang one by one. It really made the audience enthusiastic.


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[TWITTER] Minhyuk tweet about Zepp Tour 2011.01.12

  •  Zepp tour 중 나고야공연 하루전 연습실에서~~tour무사히 마칠수있게 많은 응원 부탁드립니당 ^-^*

  • In the rehearsal room one day before the Nagoya Zepp Tour. Please give support and hope the tour ends well ^-^* 

Source : CNBLUE_4@Twitter
Translation by : nadira@cnbluebeat
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