[VIDEO] CNBLUE Mezamashi TV News

CNBLUE performed and rocked the stage at Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan on Monday August 22nd. They sang four songs for the gig namely Let’s Go Crazy, Voice, One Time and Intuition for encore. Check out their performances below, on WakeUpTV News.

110823 めざましCNBLUE part 1

110823 めざましCNBLUE part 2

110823 めざましCNBLUE part 3

110823 めざましCNBLUE part 4

110823 めざましCNBLUE part 5

Mezamashi TV Part 5 translation:

(before live)
JungShin : I’m nervous.
JongHyun : Nervous? Really?
JungShin : A little…only a little bit.
Interviewe r: Is this the first time you play at an outdoor stage in Japan?
JongHyun :Yes…ah! When we were studying in Japan we’ve played at the streets. All we could do (at that time) was to cheer everyone who was playing on the stage. We will work harder, so please work harder everyone together.

(after live)
JongHyun : Amazing!!
YongHwa : I’m happy~
JongHyun : I wanna play here again. Please call us anytime, haha.
YongHwa : Really. thank you for today.
MinHyuk : I really enjoyed it!

credits :
video by ochdusaysl & nepiaish @ youtube
translated by ketchburning @ twitter
shared by a & f @ cnbluestorm
reposted by naz @ cnbluebeat

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