[UFO] 11 & 12th August : Jungshin & Minhyuk

Fan : JungShin oppa who is most active during dawn~?^^ If you don’t sleep soon, pimples will pop! :P * ke

JS : Thanks (for the tips)

Fan : Now it seems like it’s more apt to call oppa “eonnie” than “oppa”. What do we do? keke MinHyuk eonnie ^^

MH : kekekeke no don’t do this kekekeke

Fan : Going to see oppas after being a fan for 2 years TT TT Am so touched I think I’m gonna cry. See you at the concert! If you see “Sa Im Tang”* at the 3-3 section please have eye contact with me! Promise! <3

JS : Got it! Okay

credits :
pictures by 6002theMinny @ twitter
translated by G @ cnbluestorm
shared by chiffonlau @ cnbluestorm
reposted by naz @ cnbluebeat

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