[NEWS] Heartstrings to End With 15 Episodes

Heartstrings, MBC Wen-Thur drama will end at episode 15. Lee Dae Yong, the director of drama department in MBC stated during a conversation with Starnews, “After the discussion, Heartstring will be expected to end at episode 15.

Due to the main lead, Park Shinhye’s car accident and her hospitalization , there was a delay of filming . Right after the treatment in hospital, Park Shinhye resumed her filming despite of her pain and sickness. The severe pain resulted in her cancellation of shooting one episode to rest and recover her health.

Episode 8 was replaced by a special episode which was summarized from episode 1 to 7. It is reduced to episode 15 instead of 16 and will air its last episode on the 18th of August.

The concern arose that since the presale of Heartstring to 8 countries including USA, China and Japan was successfully made, the episode will not meet the original contract for overseas broadcast.

In line with this concern, Director Lee explained,”Unlike Korea, each country has the favoured broadcast system which air different parts of drama such as 12-episodes drama or 20-episodes drama. It seems like not much problems will occur for overseas broadcast TV by editing episodes”.

Heartstrings is set in Art University and portrays the youth’s dream, hope and pure first love. New Hallyu star actress Park ShinHye and CNBLUE Jung YongHwa star in heartstrings which attract a lot of attention internationally.

The presale to USA, HongKong, Japan and Philippines proved the popularity of two main leads. “ I can’t stand losing” starring Choi Ji Woo and Yoon Sang Hyun will air after Heartstrings on 24th August.

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