[NEWS] CNBLUE’s 2011 BLUESTORM Concert Tickets Immediately SOLD OUT

Tickets to male band, CNBLUE‘s 2011 Asia Tour Concert “BLUESTORM IN SEOUL” were sold shortly after the general ticket sale was opened to public.

According to the ticket agent, Interpark Tickets, the sale was opened at 8PM KST and tickets for the concert at Olympic Hall were sold out for both days 17th and 18th of September respectively.

Due to the high traffic on the online site, especially because of CNBLUE concert tickets sale last night, Interpark Tickets had temporarily experienced slow down and some could not view the page or continue to purchase the tickets that they want.

FNC Music representative informed, “the tickets to the concert were sold out almost at the same time as the online purchase was opened, and we had been receiving calls from fans who could not get the tickets.” Adding on, “CNBLUE has heard about the sold out tickets and that made them want to prepare harder for the concert,” he said.

Last year, CNBLUE has held nationwide tour in both South Korea and Japan, Asia Tour and about 20 other performances of which all have seen sold out tickets in just a short period of time when the ticket sale was opened to public. Their charm as LIVE band performers resulted to this (sold out tickets).

First Korean Concert 2010
Zepp Tour Japan 2010
Feel The Blue 2010
Japan Nationwide Tour 2010
LTTC Singapore 2010

Currently two of CNBLUE members Jung Yonghwa and Kang Minhyuk are involved in the filming of MBC drama “Heartstrings”.

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