[NEWS] CNBLUE To Attend Rock Festival In Niigata on August 27

On August 16, FNC Music Japan via their Twitter (@fncmusicJapan) updated that CNBLUE will be attending “Music & Beard” (Higetachi) Rock Festival in Niigata. The official Twitter (@higetachi) for the festival also updated the same information. The Rock Festival will be held on Saturday, August 27. CNBLUE‘s attendance was confirmed and stated in the festival’s official website, http://higetachi2011.com/ on August 16. On August 27, CNBLUE segment will start at 14:45pm and end at 15:15pm.

Besides CNBLUE, other performers include T.M Revolution, J Soul Brothers, NICO Touches the Walls, Funky Monkey Babys, Miwa and Kishidan.

“Music & Beard” (Higetachi) Rock Festival is a very meaningful event held in Niigata every year. The theme of the event for this year is “ Message”. The following is the Message from the staff, “Artists send the messages to people in the event which could be music, stories, pictures and paintings. The forms are varied but people will be touched by the artists’ work as time goes by. The artists themselves are the Message. You will be touched by the artists’ feeling in the green hill.

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