[FANACCOUNT] Yonghwa @ The Suit House Fan Signing

26th August

Yes, Yonghwa said he composed 'Man in front of the mirror' and wrote lyric. Also Yonghwa said he had deep sleep last night, so now he is in best condition. He isn't tired at all. The manager with the horned-rim glasses standing next to him kept shouting to fans, "Minhyuk is alright, Minhyuk is not sick."

Yonghwa even designed a T-shirt of The Suit House. click here. There was a video of Yonghwa sketching it. Soon it will be posted at TSH blog.

Other things fans said to him are...
-Please sing Japan new songs at the concert.
-The jumping at the beginning of One Time in HK looked great, please do it at the concert too. And Yonghwa answered he would.

Fans who went to fansign say that Yonghwa was best looking today. But other fans who couldn't come today don't need to be sad. Because Yonghwa will be better looking tomorrow. Maybe he is getting better and better looking everyday.
(Best fanpic by GoldenJYH - click here)

And there were so many teenagers and elementary schoolers today. Maybe it was the result of the drama. It's good. Because fans always worried that CNBLUE fans are too old.

As soon as the fansign was over, CNBLUE left for Japan, for the rock festival tomorrow.

Actress Nam Gyu Ri had a fan signing event at the same building, same time. But it was almost empty. Because all people went to see Yonghwa. She didn't know there was an ambush. Look at this video, (click here) the camera man couldn't capture Yonghwa, but captured good shot of Nam Gyu Ri.

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