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I think most audience didn't know CNB or think one of a Kpop idol, but after their perform they recognized CNB as a BAND.

At first, people thought they are just K-pop, so standing zone was empty. But when CNBLUE finished their performance, standing zone was full of people and they were enjoying it. (The band who performed before CNBLUE was really great, so maybe after them, many people went to rest room or to shade.)

It was traditional rock festival, many various musicians attend. So CNBLUE should do well.
We Japanese were surprised at first they were singing English & Korean & Japanese. i think.

His 'Hashire!'(=Jump!) always cheers us!

Our Jonghyun looked little tired, but I think they did their best. Awesome boys!

I heard they arrived at the stage only 1 hour before their performance. Their face looked pale, seems tired, but they ended 30min stage. Awesome.

They wore very rough style, I think those were not for the stage, but for daily wear. They didn't change & have make up time, maybe.

YH: We arrived here airplane, Shinkansen & car... So far. This is the first time we perform on summer rock festival, so we are 'ultra ureshii~' (=very pleased)

JH: I think we are away in this event, so i'm little nurveous. But I'm happy. This is very beautiful place, please invite us next year too!

Well, I thought Jungshin became a better bassist than before. He must have practiced hard, I think^^


A review by a Japanese
(Sorry I read Korean translated version. It was written by Japanese)

It was very big performance, full of rock mania. But I was surprised many of them knew CNBLUE. I answered to many people who asked who is CNBLUE.

In Japan, band music is developed a lot. But an idol and a band are strictly divided.
So, most people who came to see rock festival thought it would be just a kind of special stage performed by a K-pop singer. But 3 songs which gained best response was Yonghwa's songs, Just please, Y,Why and One time.

Yonghwa's singing was so excellent. His singing volume became greater, his inflammatory action was impressive.

Yonghwa showed sexy voice color in Just Please and Y,why. But he showed powerful voice at One Time.

And Yonghwa's guitar was improved a lot. Most of all, he showed more self-confidence playing the guitar, more rhythmical and bigger action.

Jonghyun's guitar playing was outstanding. I am sure his singing will get better if he keeps practicing.

Minhyuk showed incredible energy out of his thin body.

But he looked tired when he played the last song. But I could see he did his best to the end.
Yonghwa kept looking back to check Minhyuk. It was touching. But Yonghwa must be tired too, he sweated a lot. Both are too slim.

Actually their beautiful face and body was enough to capture people's eyes.

Sweating Yonghwa is always attractive. But I like his cute smile too. He plays tricks on brothers, but his attitude is tender.

The ending song was One Time. This song has both pop feeling and rock feeling, it's good to hear always.

At first, when they came out on the stage, they looked all tired. But when they finished their preformance, they looked over excited, full of energy.

It was quite a good performance.

CNBLUE has such a good leader.

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