[FANACCOUNT] CNBLUE @ Rock Festival - Music & Beard

CNBLUE performed 7 Songs which are Let's Go Crazy, VOICE, Now Or Never, Y.Why, Just Please, Intutition & One Time.

higetachi @ twitter said :
~ awesome cheer and paper fan (for cheering cnblue). they talking "the first summer rock fest" in Japanese". amazing!

saturn. @ soompi cnblue said :
Yonghwa had his fore hair down. Minhyuk & Jungshin wore hat. (Maybe no time to set hair). Yonghwa looked a little bit puffy and tired.
He said, "We came from Korea by plane, train and car. It was quite far!"
Yonghwa was all sweaty but still looked gorgeous. After the performance, Yonghwa threw wrist guard.
Jonghyun: "I am very happy to be here. Please invite us again next year."
Yonghwa & Jungshin: "It's hot."
Jonghyun: " No, not that hot yet! I want more!" (Jonghyun must be very happy)

"CNBLUE is being praised by people who didn't know CNBLUE."

"CNBLUE showed their direction with their powerful rock performance."

"CNBLUE was just amazing."

Official twitter say "Let this love be delivered." http://p.twipple.jp/ma552

saturn. said CNBLUE were stuck in the airport for 10 hours due to the visa issue, couldn't sleep, couldn't have rehearsal. They arrived at the concert place just before the beginning time.

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