[ARTICLE] G-Dragon, Bang Yong Guk, Jung Yong Hwa, Jun Hyung : What do they have in common?

Photos of G-Dragon (BIGBANG), Bang Yong Guk, Jung Yong Hwa (CNBLUE), and Yong Jun Hyung (B2ST) were recently posted on a portal site with the title, “SINGER-SONGWRITER IDOLS”.

Netizens commented on how the four of them are all competent singer-songwriters. G-Dragon, who recently participated on Infinity Challenge, created a song for the show’s song festival; Jung Yong Hwa has written a lot of songs for for CNBLUE like how rapper Jun Hyung produced songs for B2ST and helped the gain popularity.

Aside from being singer-songwriters, people jokingly commented that what’s also common with them is they all have “YONG” in their names.

credits :
source by NATE
translated by minongzi@en.korea.com
reposted by naz @ cnbluebeat

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Si Gadis Semasa said...

haha . the YONG guys . love it . the same goes to CHOI's family .
Choi Seunghyun(TOP) and Choi SooYoung(SNSD) . both of them are the tallest in their group :)