[NEWS] After Lee Shin made a surprise kiss to Yunsu in "You’ve Fallen For Me" they shows contrary expressions..

After Lee Shin made a surprise kiss to Yunsu in You’ve Fallen For Me, they shows contrary expressions — his tears vs. her chilly look

On July 12, the JS Pictures, the production of the MBC Wednesday-Tuesday drama series You’ve Fallen For Me, revealed photos featuring the scenes of the upcoming episode, in which the eyes of Lee Shin, played by Jung Yong Hwa, were filled with tears, while Yunsu was wearing a chilly expression.

On the previous episode, Lee Shin is deeply moved by Yunsu who first recalls his name when she happened to be in a predicament. The incident gives him renewed courage to present her with necklace. Under the pretext that he’ll put the necklace around her neck, Lee Shin approaches to her and gives her a surprise kiss on the lips.

On the released photos, however, we can see a frigid atmosphere between the two: Lee Shin was staring at Yunsu with his eyes filled with tears, while Yunsu turns her face away from Lee Shin with her ice-cold look. The photos has raised much curiosity about how will happen between the two.

The real reason why Lee Shin had to shed tears will be revealed on the next episode scheduled to air on July 13.

By Jeon Sun-ha (sunha@tvreport.co.kr)
Source: TVreport (Original article in Korean)
Photo from TVreport
Translation & Credit to : Geum Jae / Korea.com
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