[VIDEO+TRANS] OBS Interview - Jonghyun & Jungshin 2011.05.16

[ May.16 OBS interview - Jonghyun & Jungshin ]

Jonghyun & Jungshin: Hello OBS viewers. We are CNBLUE!

Q: Episode on the stage?

Jonghyun: We are band, I must turn on the Amp standby button when I play the guitar.
Once I forgot to turn it up, and played 1st verse. Luckily nobody saw it.

Q: What do you do before going up the stage?

Jonghyun: Each person is different. Before the live performance, I shake my legs a lot.
(Like this?)
Jungshin: At the backstage, we have a slogan to shout. We gather hands then "Let's all die! Yeh~"It's for a fighting.

Narration: They are showing great friendship always. The secrete is their dorm life.
Q: Episode in the dorm?  

Jungshin: Everyday is episode. Always funny and good. I am so happy that we four are living together.

Jonghyun: Brothers used to blame Yonghwa hyung that he doesn't clean the house.
One fan presented him a robot cleaner. Every time we enter home, the robot cleaner is working..Yonghwa hyung says that it's his pet. In my eyes, that kid looks cute too. Yonghwa hyung calls it his puppy.
Q: Do you talk to it?
Jonghyun: Yes, we calls it, "Wow my cute baby." We are loving it.

Q: Who was different most from his first expression?

Jungshin: If I chose one, it's Minhyuk.
Jonghyun: I... pick Minhyuk..Minhyuk looks kind, lovely and full of charming acting.But actually he is quiet and manly.

Narration: Kang Minhyuk and Lee Jungshin become adult on May 16th, Coming-of-Age Day.
Jungshin has something to talk to his brothers.

Jungshin: Not a Notebook, but a Pad thing. Version 2.

Jonghyun: Which apple made?
Jungshin: Maybe my hyung buys me one, I expect.
Jonghyun: I see. My brother requests it openly. How can I reject it?Now you become a real adult, I hope you be a hard working Jungshin chingu for everything.
Jungshin: Thank you, Jonghyun chingu.
Jonghyun: Now you are Jungshin adult.

They are living a busy life with heavy schedule, they have any special care for their health?

Jungshin: I have many tablet bottles. I marked what is it, what is that, such as Royal Jelly, Omega-3...

Jonghyun: In Jungshin's room, so many kinds of medicines are stacked up.
Jungshin: They are not bad medicines. All are patented and certified medicines.
And fans gave me them. What should I do? I must eat them all.
Jonghyun: When we go back home after schedule, Jungshin makes a round to each room to feed us all kinds of dietary supplement. I always appreciate him, he is commendable.

Narration: Stars can't avoid this question. Ideal type of woman?

Jungshin: Hyung likes Son Ye Jin.
Jonghyun: Yes. I've seen her in person once at Busan international film festival. She was really beautiful.(To Son Ye Jin)I am seeing you well~..... 
Jungshin: I like a girl of pretty smile. Who has beautiful smiling face.
Q: Your ideal type among celebrity?
Jungshin: All are my ideal woman. They all have pretty smiling face.
Q: How about cold and proud style?
Jungshin: I don't like that type of woman. I hate!

Narration: Korean wave star of next generation, CNBLUE have new goal.

Jonghyun: It's Yonghwa hyung's goal. To go to Billboard chart. We will try in a few years.
Jungshin: We are aiming for number one of Billboard.
Jonghyun: Hey.
Jungshin: We are aiming only.

Jungshin: Yonghwa hyung and Minhyuk are doing drama. It is aired from June. Please love it a lot.
Jonghyun: We CNBLUE will reward you by good music always. 

Translation & Video Credit to : saturn.@soompi cnblue
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