[TRANS] CNBLUE’s Aja Aja! Lesson 2 – Cool!

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CNBLUE’s Korean Language Course Aja Aja!

Lesson 2

(Photo by Uchiyama Megumi; Text by Sakai Mieko)

[Text under Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun's photos]
This time the lecturers are Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun.
This week’s phrase



Jong Hyun: This week we will learn about “The words that make us happy when we hear it”. As I thought, that simple word is “멋있어요 (Meossiseoyo / Cool!)”. There are no men that do not want to be called “cool”. If there are (men that do not lke to be called “cool”), then he is lying.

Yong Hwa: If a man were to be called that, of course he will feel happy. Me too, I want (CNBLUE) to be seen as a cool band, so I am practicing with the utmost effort, giving more attention to fashion, etc. I am working hard for it.

Jong Hyun: I am also doing my best for guitar practice. I want to peform a good live and hear “Oppa! Meosisseoyo~!” from my fans.

Yong Hwa: But “Oppa” is a word used (by girls) to call an older man…

Jong Hyun: In Japanese it is “Oniisan (Older Brother)?” Indeed, if someone older is calling me “Oppa”, I will get confused (laugh). Maybe it will be better if they call me “Jong Hyun ssi (shi / san)”.

Yong Hwa: It’s also fine if they use the honorific form by putting “a” or “ya” after our names. In my case, it will be “Yong Hwa ya”. The older fans often use “gwiyeopda (kawaii / cute)” to praise, but it makes me feel a bit embarrassed…. Personally, I feel tension when someone says “yeoljeongjeogida (jounetsuteki-da / passionate)”.

Jong Hyun: And I think “baljeonhada (seichoushiteru / developing)” (gives tension) too.

Yong Hwa: Now if you see us, please try to use these words! (Laugh).

Message of this week: “To put “A” after someone’s name, like “Jong Hyun-a” is also OK!” (Jong Hyun)

Source: anan No. 1753
Translation & Credit:
AzureAoi @ Code Azzurro
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