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[ Trendy No.22 Cover Story - CNBLUE interview part ]

10 Q & A About CNBLUE

Q.1 : CNBLUE is releasing the new album First Step with a totally new image. Please tell us more about it.

YH: I’m really happy that I can introduce our new album to you. As this album is CNBLUE’s first regular album, we have worked very hard for it. In this new album, more than half of the tracks are original compositions by the band members. And there are re-makes of singles we released earlier in Japan too.

JH: As my own work is included in our first regular album, I have this sense of fulfillment. This album really makes me feel excited.

MH: Compared to our previous songs, the title track this time, ‘Intuition’, was made with the intention that CNBLUE’s masculine charm will be seen. The lyrics of ‘Intuition’ describe how a guy has this intuition that his lover is going to leave him. With the strong guitar sounds and rhythm creating the vibe, the strong vocals reveal the heart of the man who doesn’t want to let go.

JS: In this new album, besides brand-new ‘Intuiton’, ‘Love Girl’ and ‘Imagine’, which reveal CNBLUE’s unique sound, there are rearrangements of songs from Japanese singles that have been well received when released earlier. There are ‘One Time’, ‘I don’t know why’ and more. So, there are all together 12 songs in our first album. Please give us a lot of support. (Laughs)

Q2 : So among all the songs in the album, which is the individual’s favorite? Please recommend your favorites.

YH: I’d like to recommend ‘One time. The special thing about it is that it’s so full of hope and has this feeling of marching forward. I like this feeling a lot. Haha.

JH: I recommend ‘Thank You’. I wrote the lyrics, saying thanks to all the fans on behalf of all CNBLUE members. It’s filled with our gratitude and feelings towards them.

JS: I recommend ‘Lie’. Actually I don’t need to explain anything. It’s a song that everybody will like when listening for the first time. So you just have to listen to it and know my reason.

Q3: You are showcasing the album with a surprise street concert. What’s your reason for it? 

CNBLUE: That’s because every member of CNBLUE likes to perform on outdoor stages that can accommodate a big audience so that we can have better interaction with them. For this reason, we planned for the showcase. The most important thing, however, is that we wanted to dedicate our first performance of the new songs to our fans in the most direct way.

Q.4 : Since CNBLUE debuted, you have gained so many fans. Is there anything that happened between you and your fans that impressed you a lot?
Actually in each and every encounter with them, they just impress us a lot. The way they touched our hearts every time has become our continuous motivation. But if we really need to say what impresses us most, it will be some totally surprising presents that they sent to us. A fan collected all the tickets to our performances, since our club live shows during our Japan trainee days, until all the bigger concerts we had recently. She sent the whole collection to us as a present. That really surprised us and made us happy.

Q5: From debut till now, CNBLUE has been growing and changing continuously, what is the most obvious change in yourself and the other members?

MH: First, Yonghwa has changed a lot after dieting. I can see masculine charm oozing from him now. His chin line is like a piece of art. Our Jungshin has changed hairstyle too and that means more masculine charm as well. Jonghyun hyung has been keen on working out all this time. His physique is even stronger now. Very good looking indeed. As for me, maybe just the hairstyle change … hahaha.

Q6: CNBLUE has been in many commercials: cell phone, clothing, cosmetics, etc. Are there any particular products that CNBLUE wish to endorse other than those?


JS: I want to do anything we haven’t tried. I want to do commercials for cars and electronic gadgets.

YH: Please give CNBLUE a lot of CF jobs! (Laughs)

Q7: Besides music, CNBLUE members have challenged themselves in areas of acting and MCing too. Are there other areas that you feel like trying too?

YH: Right now I’m preparing for drama filming and I have much variety show MC work ahead too. Just for the promotion of the new album, a lot of activities have been scheduled. Though I’ve been doing what I have always wanted to do, I still want to challenge myself by learning to play instruments that I can’t play now.
JH: Though I have been in a movie not long ago, I want to have more chance to brush up on my acting skills. I hope to be able to do different kinds of roles in the future. Hmm … if possible, I want to release a solo album too.

Q8: To CNBLUE, up till now, when is the happiest and hardest times respectively?

CNBLUE: Right now we feel very happy. All the challenges, learning, figuring out the music we intend to focus on, and even acting, so we say now is the happiest moment. As for the hardest part, it’s when we heard those negative comments on us, from people who hadn’t actually listened to our music. We were so frustrated then. Nevertheless, it’s because of that we had the reason and motivation to work even harder.

Q9: As for the future, do CNBLUE have any target? What kind of band do you want to be?

CNBLUE: As for now, the nearest goal will be that the new album will be well received. Since we always hope that people can understand us more, we have been trying our best to tell our real thoughts and feelings in every interview. The wish of the wishes will be that we can be together as a grandpa band. I hope we don’t have to say that with words anymore but just with our music, we will be recognized and have a position in the music world.

Q10: Taiwan fans miss CNBLUE a lot. Do you have plans to visit Taiwan again? Any words to Taiwan fans?

CNBLUE: Since our last visit to Taiwan, Taiwan has become a close country to us. And we miss Taiwan fans a lot too. But we have just started the promotion of the new album in Korea, we have to wait until later before we can go to Taiwan. We’ll surely bring our best stage to Taiwan fans then. So, please be patient. Wait for us!

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