[NOTICE] Information for all BOICE 2011.04.08


I am the person in charge of FNC MUSIC Fanclub.

Currently, the many people who look for CNBLUE members at the FNC MUSIC office, practice studios and dorms etc., instead of open broadcasts, concerts and music programs etc., have caused a lot of disturbance.

After many meetings on FNC MUSIC’s side regarding this matter, we have come up with the following solution that we are going to announce.

Taking into consideration the many reports from people around that a lot of disturbance has been caused to FNC MUSIC and the CNBLUE members, from now on any fans that are discovered at locations other than open broadcasts and concerts etc., that allow fans’ participation, will be put on the exceptions list for any open broadcasts, concerts, or fan-sign events etc. after your identity has been confirmed.

Also, those found following the members’ car in taxis after open broadcasts etc. will also be put on all exceptions lists. The list will also be uploaded on CNBLUE’s official homepage (www.cnblue.co.kr), and you will not be allowed to take part in any activities from then on.

The above notice will take effect from today (2011 April 8th) onwards. From April 8th onwards, contact with members at any personal locations other than those specified (for open broadcasts etc.) is not allowed.

Please be reminded that we will not hesitate to immediately restrain anyone caught violating these requests.
As much as we have taken the safety of CNBLUE and BOICE into consideration for our decision, we hope that we don’t receive any negative consequences after releasing the above notice.

Thank you.

Source: CNBLUE’s official website
Translation & Credit :
Euodsie @ Code Azzurro 
Re-Post by : ninie@cnbluebeat

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