[NEWS] CNBLUE talks about stereotypes and their friendship on Mnet's "M SoundPlex"

CNBLUE recently guested on Mnet’s “M SoundPlex” and shared their thoughts on the various stereotype rumors they’ve had to deal with as idols since their debut.
 The band was first revealed to the public as a talented, all-around idol band that was capable of writing, composing, and live performances. Unfortunately, with the group being tagged with ‘idol’, the public took it to mean that they were just kids taken from wealthy families that pretended to know how to compose songs and play instruments.

Calmly, the members explained, “We know that there are a lot of misunderstandings regarding our image. However, 10 out of our album’s 12 tracks were self-composed, but the public isn’t usually aware of that. The members also play instruments on stage 100% live. People are quick to say that we’ve never gone through any hardships, but that’s not the case at all. We’re actually glad that they think like that.”

The conversation was then carried over to the topic of Yonghwa’s popularity. Contrary to what the public thought, the members revealed that they were not jealous at all. “Yonghwa hyung suffers so much to get our name better known with the public. We’re always apologetic for that and think to ourselves that we have to work that much harder too.”

They continued, “Because we feel sorry for Yonghwa hyung having to go through so much schedules, we’ll usually all wait up for him in the dorm instead of sleeping. If we can’t stay up because it gets too late, we always leave a text message saying, ‘Sorry hyung. We’re sleeping first!!’”

With a laugh, they added, “Sometimes Yonghwa hyung will bring us delicious snacks at night.”

Check out the full broadcast on April 23rd.


Source: Newsen via Nate
Credit : allkpop.com
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