[INTERVIEW] Monkey3 Music Story – CNBLUE Interview: A step closer to becoming musicians with their first album 2011.03.31

Coming back with their 1st Album, “FIRST STEP”!
CNBLUE’s first step as musicians interview
Bursted into the music world with “I’m A Loner” in 2010, CNBLUE!

It has only been a year since their debut in Korea, but they have strongly paved their way by debuting in Japan first, building up their talent through performing on the streets and in clubs. For this first album that has just been released, the members actively participated as the writer/composer/arranger; CNBLUE is taking their first step, not as idol singers, but as musicians. As if supporting their dreams, their title song “Intuition” took 1st place as soon as it was released on Monkey3 chart. Monkey3 met with CNBLUE, who came back with their first album that they made with their sweat and effort.

Q. Hi CNBLUE, this is music site, Monkey3. Please say your greetings to Monkey3 family.

A. Hello, Monkey3 family! This is CNBLUE! Nice to meet you.

Q. You came back with your first album “FIRST STEP”. The album swept the charts as soon as it was released, including Monkey3. Congratulations. What is your impression on the release of your first album?

A. After the album was released, we were surprised when the staff told us that the album made an ‘all-kill’. Because this is our first album, we were quite nervous but we are so grateful that it receives a lot love.

Q. We heard that the album title “FIRST STEP” has a meaning of the members taking their first step as musicians. Can you talk a bit about the album and what the focus of the album is.
A. Just like you said the title “FIRST STEP” signifies us taking our first step as musicians. We put in a lot of hard work and participated in many of the songs on this album. There are 12 songs on the album. We personally played and recorded all the instruments ourselves, and we participated in writing, composing and arranging 10 of the songs. Because we wanted to give the best, we were so caught up in the post-production phase that we had to postpone the release date.

Q. The title song “Intuition” tells about an intuition of a break-up. Do the CNBLUE members have a good intuition? Who’s the most intuitive member?
A. The members have a good intuition in general. I think that Yonghwa hyung’s feelings are usually right; whether sensing bad news or if something bad will happen, hyung’s intuition is pretty good.

Q. The music video for “Intuition” is quite unique. Is it a rebel concept? Did anything interesting happen during the filming?
A. There is a scene in the music video where we had to push a very big policeman. But Minhyuk is so thin that he was the one who got pushed back (not the policeman). It was so funny that we laughed really hard.

Q. The album has 12 songs. Do you have a favorite song from the album?
A. YH: I want to recommend “Just Please”. Sincerity is the point. Please listen to it!
JH: I will recommend “Lie”. You can feel the sorrow.
MH: I recommend “Intuition”! It doesn’t need any explanation, you have to listen to it.
JS: I recommend “Imagine”. The sweet melody can make you feel happy when you listen to it.

Q. You participated in writing the lyrics, composing and arranging this album, where do you get the inspiration from?
A. YH: I get inspiration from my experiences, and also from the stories of the people around me.

JH: I get my inspiration from watching movies or reading books.

MH: I get it from listening to music or watching movies.

JS: I think experience is important for writing songs. That’s why I’m trying to get as much experience as I can.

Q. You debuted in Japan first. Some of your songs even entered the Oricon chart and you gained popularity there. What’s the difference between working in Korea and in Japan?
A. In Japan, we performed mainly on the streets and in clubs, while in Korea, we perform on music programs on TV. The reason we performed like that in Japan was because we haven’t had a major debut yet. So we were active as an indie band, and also to gain experience. We have (major) debuted in Korea so we mainly do music shows (on TV).

Q. Including Japan, you have done a lot of live shows. We can say that live is fundamental to a band. What is the most memorable live show you have done?

A. Earlier this year, we did a Zepp tour. I think this tour is the most memorable. I think the fans could feel what we felt. If there is another chance, we want to do another tour!

Q. Does CNBLUE have a role model? Which musician gives you the most inspiration?
A. YH: Bon Jovi! He’s my favorite artist. I want to follow his footsteps.
JH: I like Bon Jovi and Eric Clapton. Listening to their songs makes me feel relaxed.
JS: The one who changed my life — Mr. Big. I came to like bands after watching videos of Mr. Big.
MH: I like Maroon 5 and Radiohead. They are my role models.

Q. Practice is very important for a band right? Do you practice (your instruments) a lot?

A. When we don’t have schedules, we practice or compose. When we have our lessons, we will practice till late on those days. Playing music makes us feel good, and because we always want to become better, we have to practice more.

Q. The members do various activities like variety shows, movies, and dramas. Is there anything else you would like to excel in besides music?

A. Of course on top of everything, we want to excel in music. Besides music, I think we’d like to try acting. All of us besides Jungshin have experienced acting. This time me (Yonghwa) and Minhyuk will be doing an MBC drama together. If there is a good opportunity, Jungshin will also try acting.

Q. Are you health conscious? What is your favorite sport?

A. We try going to the gym, however, because we’re too busy, we rarely have the time to go. There is a small park in front of our office. We play badminton with the staff there sometimes. It’s really fun.

Q. When you don’t have schedules or when you have leisure time, how do you usually spend your day?

A. YH: I mostly compose during my spare time.

JH: Playing guitar or writing songs.

MH: Write or compose, and listen to music while resting.

JS: Watch dramas or movies, or do internet shopping.

Q. It’s been a year since your debut. A lot of things have happened within that year, but it was a victorious year. What are your goals and dreams for this year and the future?

A. The four of us want to continue together as CNBLUE. The truth is that we can’t just turn a blind eye to the publics’ responses, but we will continue doing our own music. Please continue to support and look out for us!

Q. I wish you all the best for your album. Lastly, please say a few final words to our Monkey3 family.

A. Monkey3 family! CNBLUE’s first album “FIRST STEP” has just been released. We are currently promoting our title song, “Intuition”. Please listen to it! The last cold wave has not finished yet, so please take care from the cold weather as this season changes! Thank you.

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