[AUDIO+PICS] CNBLUE Interview with Choi Hwajung's @ SBS PowerTimeFM 107.7 2010.04.07

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Fans posted many good questions to the Power time websites. But DJ just asked them silly questions.

Power Time is the most powerful radio show in Korea now. I hoped they could have chance to promote their new album, talk about each songs they made. Anyway I laughed a lot listening to it.

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Translation of first half:

First they introduced themselves. After Jungshin introdued, The DJ said
"I always think that you look like a foreigner. At the airport, if you were not CNBLUE, I couldn't have spoken to you in Korean."
Then Jonghyun introduced himself, "Hi I am Jonghyun who plays the guitar and sings in CNBLUE!"
DJ said, "Wow Jonghyun, did you eat butter a lot? (=cheesy). You're in charge of beauty too."
Then Yonghwa did, he pointed the camera by his second finger.
DJ said, "That hand gesture is a curse if someone else did it. But you do it, you look cool."

DJ: You came here directly from the airport? Sawaticap. What did you do at Thailand?
YH: We filmed a CF of Thai drink.
DJ: Then did you speak Thai? What did you say?
YH: Scapiore! (?) It's good to your eyes.
DJ: Ah! Then I must drink it.

DJ: Jonghyun, do you believe in your intuition? in a human relation? between a woman?
JH: I think I have a good intuition. Mostly my intuition is correct.
DJ: Minhyuk, have you expected CNBLUE could succeed this much and fast?
MH: I haven't expected this much.
DJ: Yes, I remember you said the same thing last year. And you had hard time in Japan.
That was just one year and more. Can you believe this? Does your company treat you better?
JS: They have treated us best all the time.
DJ: So you can't be treated better. Yonghwa did a diet. You lost 8Kg just after one month.
When I saw you on TV, I thought you're someone else. You were not fat at all before. Why did you do that?
YH: I just wanted to have a meaning of new start. And I appear in a drama soon. So I'm managing myself.
DJ: Minhyuk and Yonghwa do the same drama? Oh! What's that drama?
YH: It's Wed/Thr drama, campus story. MBC...
DJ: Then there must be a beautiful actress too.
YH: Yes.
DJ: Listener's question. YH lost so much weight. How did you lose your weight?
YH: I ate banana manily. If I feel hungry too much, I ate chicken breast. Then I ran unconditionaly.
DJ: Ah... There's no royal road. Eat less, excercise more! Anyone else did it with him?
JH: I gained 8Kg. I was too slim. My cheekbone looked too sharp. Now I got a chubby face.
DJ: That's why you look so white now! Did you put on any makeup?
JH: No, it's a perfect naked face. I saw Yonghwa going on a diet. He did self-hypnosis, talking to himself, "I will be a handsome guy, if I don't eat it now."
DJ: You are positive person. But I like Jonghyun's look too.
JH: Yes, my older relatives were happy to see me.
DJ: Fan's question. "Minhyuk, you look so manly these days." Yes, your voice got lower.
MH: This is my ordinary voice, but sometimes I speak in higher voice when I play.
I also did self-hypnosis looking at the mirror. Till now, I looked just cute.
This time, I wanted to show more manly side of me.
DJ: You look like a man!
MH: I was a man from before...
DJ: Fan's question. "Jonghyun, you're wearing glasses."
JH: Yes, this is to hide my swollen face.
DJ: Another question from fan, "Jungshin, I see your ring. Is it a couple ring?"
JS: At the fan signing event, a fan from US placed it on my finger.

DJ: True Q&A! Anwer yes or no. First question, 'I have an intuition of seeing whether a woman likes me or not.'
YH,JS: Yes / JH,MH: No. (It was funny YH covered his mouth to hide his answer from members :D )
DJ: You said no? Without it, your life becomes too hard. Next question, 'I have an intuition of knowing whether my specialty I practiced will be a hit or fail.'
Only MH: Yes / others : No.
DJ: Third question, 'I have an intuition of knowing member's feeling just by seeing their eyes or face.'
All: Yes!!
DJ: Wow! Your team work is perfect.
JS: We've lived together for some years. It's too easy.
YH: The third question was too easy for us.
DJ: Let's see the first question. You must have this kind of intuition.
MH: I can guess roughly, but I can't be sure.
YH: Who can be sure? You just can guess. That's why it is called an intuition.
DJ: Then Yonghwa, when do you feel that a woman likes you? Did she smile at you a lot? Or was she cold only at you?
YH: I had both cases. If you can't see it between man and woman, that's a strange thing. My intuition is 60% correct.
DJ: Jungshin, when do you see that a girl likes you?
JS: Well, she looks at me, I feel the eyes.
DJ: So although you look at the opposite side, you were watching the girl.
JS: I have very wide angle, so I can see whether anyone is looking at me or not in any case.When I thought she was looking at me, but I realized actually she was looking at someone else. I was disappointed.
DJ: Then do you have an intuition of "That girl hates me."
All: Yes, I have. / I can feel it more clearly. / I can see that.
DJ: Then can you feel whether a show program likes you or not?
All: Yes we can feel.

DJ: Then do you think Power Time like you ?
All: Yes. / We can feel it. / You love us.

DJ: Yes!! We tried to hide our feeling, but we couldn't.
(second half)

DJ: Second question, you have an intuition of knowing whether your specialty you practiced will be hit or fail.
who said yes? Minhyuk. Please show me your specialty.
MH: No. You asked if I have a intuition of knowing it.
I have clear intuition that all my specialty I prepared will fail.

DJ: Show me first, then I will judge.
YH: I want to see it too.
MH: What I've shown in TV or radio is only one thing.
(He imitated a famous football commentator, but he was neither similar nor funny. He did it before, he failed at that time too.)
YH: I answered 'No'. I sometimes imitate someone on TV. But I don't know it will succeed or fail. I just try what I used to do at dorm. But people like it. (He imitated actor Park Young Gyu. He did it before many times. He got good reputation every time.)
JS: Yonghwa hyung catches the funny point well.
JH: Once he sees, he imitates it.

DJ: Jonghyun, don't you have anything?
JH: I... will try Lee Sora's singing.
(He sang Lee Sora's song in womanly voice, but not funny, not smiliar... -_- )
JH: I can't...
YH: He was alike.
MH: I envy him, he did good job.

DJ: Jungshin, don't you have anything?
JS: I am overmotivated. When I saw him on TV, I wanted to imitate him.
(He imitated the cheesy guy from Secret garden, He wasn't that funny... but much better than Jonghyun or Minhyuk.)

DJ: Fans are posting replies, if the number of replies exceed 12,000, I will give 5 CNBLUE's signed CDs to fans.
Please post more!
Third question. You can tell members' status just by seeing each other's eyes.
Then how do you deal with it? Do you try to soothe the person? or
YH: I just try not to touch him.

DJ: You don't help him relax?
JS: Sometimes I try to relax him. It depends on the situation.
YH: If he is in serious situation, I better not touch him.

DJ: You are cute. Actually you guys are just 1 or 2 years different. Do you regard the order of rank as important?
YH: In ordinary times, we don't care it much, but there is a boundary, of course.
JH: Our kids are so nice.

DJ: (laugh) You just said our kids are nice, you are like a daddy.
YH: Those two little brothers associate well.
MH: Hyungs are doing their role of elder brother so well.
YH,JH: Hahaha I will do better.

DJ: Let's check CNBLUE's bond index. If I say two words, pick a word you prefer. Being honest is the best way.
A leg-beauty or collarbone ?
YH: Collarbone / others: leg-beauty

DJ: Broad-minded or to bear a grudge?
YH,JS: to bear a grudge / JH,MH: Broad-minded

DJ: Yui or IU?
All: Yui! Ohhh! (surprised, the first same answer)

DJ: Abdominal muscles or hip-up?
All: Abdominal muscles!

DJ: Shopping or nap?
YH,JS: Shopping / JH,MH: Nap.

DJ: Intellectual charm or ingenuous charm ?
JH: Ingenuous charm! / others : Intellectual charm.

DJ: Saving or investment ?
MH: Saving. / Others: Investment.

DJ: Kiss or back hug ?
JS: Kiss / Others: Back hug.

DJ: Who answered kiss? Jungshin? Ah you are still young.
Yui and abdominal muscles were the only united answers. You caught the most important two. This is CNBLUE's identity.
Do you guys prefer intellectual charm? Actually the top of charm is ingenuous charm.
JH: (excited) Yes! I knew that.

DJ: Jonghyun seems satistied. He anwered the correct answer!
United answers were only two. You have bond, but each of you have distict personality.
YH: It's good for us. If we had the same taste, we could have fought for one girl.

DJ: You four selected one girl.
YH: Ah did we?

DJ: Question from listener, "Yonghwa, you broke up with your fake wife, now isn't it time for a real dating?"
YH: No, not yet. I have so many thing I really want to do.

DJ: How boring. What type of girl do you want to date?
JH: I have certain taste. A girl who makes me feel pleasant when I'm with her.

DJ: Then what girl you don't feel unpleasant with?
JH: If I feel uncomfortable, it would be a hard time for me.
JS: I prefer nuna, more matured than me, who has higher mental age than me.
YH: Jungshin has very high standard about woman.
JH: In my opinion, Jungshin cannot marry, he is so picky.

DJ: You are giving a light of hope to enormous nunas. So you've dated nunas only?
JS: No no. The reason brothers say I have high standard is that I always talk about celebrities watching TV. So I can't be realistic.

DJ: Yes, we like CNBLUE in TV watching TV. Then what woman celebrity in TV you fell for?
JS: Actually I like all of them. Recently I watched Kim Taehee's drama. She was so beautiful.

DJ: OK stop it. How is Minhyuk's style?
MH: I have my own cetrain taste too. But if I have chance, I'd like to date various girls. Yonger girl, older girl...
JH: Minhyuk's ideal woman is Song Eunee (woman comedian, DJ of their first radio show on their debut day. She said she liked MH so much, she wanted to buy him a new golden drum set.)

DJ: Do you want me to make phone call to her now? How about Yonghwa?
YH: I like long hair, clear eyes.

DJ: All short hair girls are disappointed.
YH: If short hair suits her well, it's ok. Who never tell a lie, pure, a true person.

DJ: I see. Another question, any girl group you guys want to have a meal together? Fx?
YH: If we have a meal with all of them, it would be good.
Others: with all girl groups.

DJ: How you can't pick just one girl group you want to have a meal with? You dont want it?
MH: Because we want all.

DJ: If you must pick only one?
YH: I don't want to pick out one. I will rather eat by ourselves.
MH: We can't swallow food.
JH: Female human make me feel hard. (He said 여자사람)

DJ: Yes, you can't have meal comfortably in front of girls you like.
JS: Yes, I will put food into my nose.

DJ: Who bear a grudge most? (remember bad things for long time and try to revenge) Yonghwa picked this.
MH: Actually all of us tend to keep things in mind for long time.
I picked broad-minded because I want to be broad-minded.
JH: I don't keep things in mind at all.
JS: Jonghyun ssi! Don't tell a lie at radio. O type is more serious than A type.
He always says that only he isn't A type, so he has the most broad mind among us.
But sometimes he is more narrow minded than others.

DJ: Jonghyun, it seems you're the one who bears a grudge.
Another question, Yonghwa, what part of your body you like most after diet?
MH: Chin!
YH: Chin yes, but now I have collarbone. That's why I picked collarbone.

DJ: Then can your collarbone contain water?
YH: I've never tried.

DJ: Let's see how many replies you got. Wow it's 13000! Then fans can take 5 signed CD.
Lastly, let's listen to Love in the rain. Jonghyun, please sing along the first part.

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