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Issue 15 April 2011
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Cnblue is a Korean indie rock band that started in 2009. It consists of 4 teens, Yong Hwa, Jong Hyun, Min Hyuk and Jung Shin. They are believed to have gained the Kpop music fans attention last year when they appeared with their mini album titled ‘Bluetory’. Before making a name for themselves in their own country, Cnblue first of all tried their luck in the music industry in Japan. After a year in Japan, they managed to come up with two mini albums, ‘Now or Never’ & ‘Voice’.

Before getting noticed, Cnblue had to go through hardships while staying in Japan. Eventhough they had their own mini album in their hands but music life for Cnblue wasn’t like other stars. This is because they spent most of their time performing on the streets compared to other top stars. Just once in a while will they be given the chance to perform on stage and that’s just in small clubs which mostly are attended by rock music fans only.

After a few months appearing with ‘Now or Never’, Cnblue came out with their second mini album titled ‘Voice’. This time Yong Hwa, Jong Hyun, Min Hyuk and Jung Shin’s luck was great. The album managed to get a spot in the Oricon chart. It introduced the Cnblue name to the fans of Jpop who all this while didn’t take any interest in their works. It’s understood that as soon as ‘Voice’ got a name, Cnblue straight away became popular stars. The mini album got a high demand and their concert tickets were sold out in Japan.

Last year, the Kpop music industry was shocked by the arrival of CNblue. Their name suddenly became the talk of everyone after FNC Music signed the band as their recording artist. In their early appearance in the Kpop industry a lot of people started comparing Cnblue with their record label mate, who else if not FT Island. Their music identity is almost the same which caused the Kpop fans to name them as the Second FT Island. However, after appearing with ‘Bluetory’ it just faded away just like that. Obviously Cnblue is different than Ft Island.

“After making a name for themselves through ‘Voice’, a lot of huge record companies from Japan came to meet Cnblue. More than 10 of them came to offer contracts not only because of the Kpop wave/Hallyu wave but because of the bands credibility. Japan is well known for their great & unique rock bands in their music industry, Cnblue was able to surpass that condition and they want Cnblue to be a part of it,”explained by a representative of FNC Music.

This year Cnblue returns again to the Kpop industry. They just came out with their first full Korean album titled ‘First Step’. This album which consists of 12 songs,with a few hit songs, ‘One Time’, ‘I Don’t Know Why’. ‘Intutition’, ‘Love Girls’, ‘Love Ride The Rain’ & ‘Thank you’. This time, ‘First Step’ is different. The album no longer depends on pop rock like before but now the songs are more ‘rock’.

“We gathered old songs from the Japan album and remade it for this album. We learned a lot while making this album, especially producing and writing songs. Thanks to the talent and skills. We were able to create better songs. This album took some time to create because we made & remade the songs if we weren’t satisfied. Thanks to the response. We are really proud with it,” explained Yong Hwa.

Regarding the birth of ‘First Step’, the members hope that the songs will be able to spread. They don’t want to be labeled as something that is over or hard to accept. If given the opportunity they would like to be like the Rolling Stones. They are loved by everyone. “Our focus right now is just music no matter what happens. We only present things that we want and feel with people,” added Yong Hwa.

Cnblue is expected to appear with a solo concert soon. The purpose is no other than to entertain their fans who have waited to watch them live. Besides that, its also to promote their first Korean album. The concert is said to be unique and different than other concerts before this. It will be held as a guerilla because its known to get closer with the fans.

“Right now we are still looking for a place and the right time to held this guerilla concert on the streets. We want people to easily access it without thinking about danger. Therefore, Cnblue and the fans can have fun as much as they can,” explained Yong Hwa who is planning to have the concert in Korea & Japan. “Now, we are all working hard to practice and get ready. It’s the first Cnblue concert where the fans will be able to hear out new songs,” he added.

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