[NEWS] CNBLUE, Romantic Transformation in 'Love Girl' Teaser

The four-member band, CNBLUE have changed into a sweet romantic man. Through their official website, they released a teaser for follow-up single, LOVE GIRL.

The teaser is about CNBlue come to the house of a girl who listening to their song without her knowing they actually sing 'Love Girl' to her, showing each member's romantic image.

Fans who watch the teaser will have a feeling that CNBlue come to their house and sing the song to them, making the full music video to be more anticipating. The music video was filming last February together with their title track, Intuition.

CnBlue's company, FNC Music said "This time, the song's cheerfulness come out well. Though Love Girl was composed by Jung Yonghwa, the teaser was satisfying and it reveals their anticipation toward music broadcast activities.

Meanwhile, on 26th Cnblue will release "First Step + Thank You" album and continue their activity with 'LOVE GIRL.

Source: Nate
Translate by: eiei129ou@cnbluebeat

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