January 2011 Zepp tour which they have eagerly wanted.
The next day of the 1st anniv. of their Korean debut, we had interview with them.
They were having endless interviews from various media, but they came out with bright smile.
They showed an excellent balance between professional self-control and a playful side which suits their age.

Q: 1st anniversary of your debut, and the single [RE-MAINTENANCE] hit the 2nd of Oricon daily chart.You have continous things to celebrate, did you have celebrating party?

Jungshin: We didn't do anything special. Yesterday, we ate ramen then back to hotel, watched Minhyuk's drama 'It's alright, Daddy's daughter' all together.

Q: I think your last one year was amazing, you gained popularity from both Korea and Japan. But you four look calm.

Yonghwa: We just try to work hard.

Jonghyun: We've been busy, but we feel appreciating always.

Q: Tell me what was changed or improved to each member for past one year?

Jungshin: Minhyuk did movie and drama, he showed new shape of him as an actor.

Minhyuk: It's nothing improved, but Yonghwa hyung always takes good care of us.
Althouth he is busy and tired, he never neglect his composing job. I think he is amazing.

Yonghwa: Jonghyun has worked hard in composing for past one year. I was influenced well by it. His guitar skill is improved a lot. He is being improved with amazing speed.

Jonghyun: Jungshin's bass skill is improved a lot. He had a dark impression before debut, but now he became much brighter. Now he is our mood-maker.

Q: How many hours do you sleep a day?

Jonghyun: We sleep 3~4 hours average. But Yonghwa hyung can't have time to sleep sometimes.

Q: Have you had time for rest recently?
Yonghwa: Never for one year.
Jonghyun: But when I went to Busan for business, I met my family.

Q: How do you manage your health?
Yonghwa: I try to think everything positively.
Jonghyun: I thought I could manage it because I did athletics such as Judo. But when I'm in busy schedule, I feel so exhausted. So I am eating vitamin supplements.These days, Jungshin is interested in vitamin or oriental medicine. He brings water and pill and feeds me, saying "Hyung, it's good to your health, eat it."
Before, Minhyuk was like a mom, now I feel Jungshin is a mom. (laugh)

Q: He has nickname of Goddess.
Jonghyun: That. That's the nickname Jungshin hates most. (laugh)
Jungshin: I was heard "pretty" because I have long hair. But I am a man, I don't like it.

Q: I'm sorry. Let's change the topic. The new song 'Try again, smile again' is, "Although we are busy everyday, let's try not to forget ourselves." It's like you sing your current mind.How do you manage yourself when you feel you are losing yourself?
Jungshin: I try to make conversation with my family and our members.
Minhyuk: I am a type of thinking by myself. These days I ask advice to Yonghwa or 
Jonghyun hyung. Then I think by myself again.
Jonghyun: My personality is same as that of my middle school days. My life moto is "Be a nice person from others' viewpoints too." My personality is reflected to my music. In various meaning, I try to live a 'nice' life.

Q: You release a formal album in Korea in March.
Jonghyun: It will have nice, cool, refreshing and chic feeling.

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