[TWITTER] FT Island Jonghun TweetPhoto with Jungshin & Jonghyun in Thailand 2011.03.13

[ Jonghun Tweet ]

  • 어쩌다보니 종현이와정신이랑 같이 태국에서 즐거운 1박2일 보냈다 FT&CN;오랜만에 돈독해진 패밀리 ~ http://plixi.com/p/83734830

[ Translation ]
  • Ended up spending an enjoyable 2 days 1 night in Thailand with Jonghyun and Jungshin. FT&CN; has been a close family for a long time ~ http://plixi.com/p/83734830

Source: http://twitter.com/FtGtJH
Translation Credit to : blue_jus7@ Code Azzurro
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