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ARTICLE from SPUR pink 2011 April Issue

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Until we’re all Grandfathers, Let’s be together till the end!

The four-man band CNBLUE; a band with a mix of rock and rap.
In 2009, they had a goal of performing 100 times whether it was on the streets or in live houses, and finally debuted in August as an Indie.

JH: The live street performance in front of Harajuku station was memorable. That day, we performed without a permit, so the police came and we even got interrogated.
From October 2009, Yonghwa starred in the drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ as Kang Shinwoo in Korea After the drama ended, they had their major debut in Korea in January 2010 with ‘I’m a Loner’, and even won #1 on the KBS music chart. Their 2nd mini album also reached #1 on music program charts.
Through Korean music awards such as the Golden Disk Award, etc, they were rewarded with awards such as the ‘Newcomer (Rookie) Award’, and have become Gold Class stars.

JS: We have achieved so many things within a year, we will never forget this past one year.
Seeing the boys overwhelmed with emotions from looking back at the past one year, I found myself cheering without knowing. Even in Japan, their 2nd single that was released in September reached #1 on the Oricon Indie Single Weekly Chart, their 3rd single that was just released reached #2 in the Oricon Daily Chart, and their live DVD peaked at #2 in the Oricon DVD Daily rank, and they every time they had a concert in Japan, the tickets were always sold out, proving their high popularity.

YH: Receiving an award, receiving so much love in Korea and other coutries as well, being able to have an Asian tour, it was all a very good experience.

Within a year, your circumstances/surroundings have changed a lot, have the members changed as well?
YH: When I first met Minhyuk, he had this innocent-student-like image but these days he is the most manly among us.

JS: Yonghwa hyung may look manly, but the way he pays attention to the little details is just like a girl (laugh). On the other hand, till now he has always taken good care of his dongsaengs, looking after us with great care and affection, our precious leader.
About their future … Curious about what their dreams are and what they want to challenge in the future.

MH: I want to be the best in everything that I try to do!

YH: I promise, we will continue this band even after we become grandfathers.

JH: We want to continue to be together till the day we are grandfathers and everyone loses their hair. (laugh)!
Finally, is there a song you would like to recommend to our reader?

JH: Because I like songs that I wrote best, I recommend “kimio” (laugh).

MH: I like sad (slow) ballads, I want to recommend my favourite song, “Don’t say good bye”.
After that, when Yonghwa asked Minhyuk to write a song together, we could see their hard working passion.
Though CNBLUE has a strong, cool and stylish image, you can see the light shinning in their eyes filled with passion when they are talking about music.

 * i will be grandma boices  for sure !!! *

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