[Pre-Order] CNBLUE Live Magazine Vol.2

Here is another good news to you.
Last time we open order for CNBLUE Live Magazine Vol.1 right?

And guess what, we will open order for CNBLUE Live Magazine Vol.2 too!!! Yippieeeee!!
As usual, this will be handle by our partner GO MyStore.

Pre-orders start today.
Payment have to be made from 4/4/2011 until 12/4/2011.

Price for CNBLUE Live Magazine Vol.2 is RM125 (it's cheaper from Vol.1 right :P)
But, if you buy 2 or more in single order/address special discount will be given.

Send in your order with subject "[CNBLUEBEAT] CNBLUE Live Magazine Vol.2" including:
Contact Number:

to rockafella87@gmail.com or sales_go@hotmail.com (do not send to both email,choose one)

*All pre-order email will be reply on 4/4/2011 onwards with bank account number for payment.
*Pre-order ends and all payment must be received on 12/4/2011.
*We might no accept new order for this item after pre-order ends. So grab yours now!



GaBrIeLa said...

I have been looking for this magazine(VOL1), but no luck yet TT______TT

I'm looking for someone who wants to sell the vol1 TT_________TT

If you are interested...

its my emadil: garemi_07@hotmail.com

ThankU... sorry for spam O_O

booiii said...

WOOTT!! I pre-ordered this already!
;) c'mon boices support our cnblue