[NOTICE] CNBLUE first album "FIRST STEP "release information 2011.03.15


This is FNC MUSIC fanclub manager.
CNBLUE’s first album [FIRST STEP] will be released on March 21st.

Winning ‘Best New Artist’ in the 2010 music awards, the sensational CNBLUE!
Coming out soon, first album “FIRST STEP” !!

# CNBLUE first album “FIRST STEP”
CNBLUE entered the music world and gained high popularity in 2010 through songs like ‘I’m a Loner’ and ‘LOVE’! Awarded with ‘Best New Artst’ and ‘Digital Music Bonsang’ in the 2010 MAMA (Mnet Asia Music Awards), Seoul Music Awards, Melon Music Awards and also in the Golden Music Awards has proven their musicality. Now, CNBLUE will be releasing the long-awaited first full album ‘FIRST STEP’ .

‘FIRST STEP’ has the meaning of CNBLUE members taking their first step as real musicians; many of the songs in the album are written and composed by the members themselves, proving this. In this album, you can hear CNBLUE’s unique bass sound in their new songs like ‘직감 (Jikkam / Intuition)’, ‘LOVE GIRL’ and ‘상상 (Sang-Sang / Imagine). Songs from their Japanese single albums that entered the Oricon Charts such as ‘one time’, which reached #1 on the Oricon Indie Weekly Chart, and also ‘I don’t know why’, which reached #8 on the Oricon Single Daily Chart, will also be remade and included in the album. Along with the bonus tracks, the album will have 12 songs in total. Songs from their Japanese albums that reached #1 on the Japanese Oricon Indie Chart received good response from the public, but it is a pity that it did not get released in Korea. That is why those songs are included in this album as a present for the fans.

Debuted first in Japan with 3 single albums, 2 mini albums and 1 full album, with their strong talent, CNBLUE now releases their first album ‘FIRST STEP’ in Korea. ‘FIRST STEP’ will show their infinite potential as real musicians. Having built their skills, both instruments and vocal, through performing more than 100 times in live street and club performances in Japan, the members participated in the writing, composing and arranging of 9 out of the 12 songs in the album. Showing off their perfect instrument-playing and vocal skills in the album, CNBLUE will also introduce their music through live performances while steadily taking their steps as musicians. A new Muse has emerged in the music world, CNBLUE! We are looking forward to these men showing their music.
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