[INTERVIEW] Ambush Mubank Greenroom with CNBLUE 2011.03.25


1) How did come up with the name CN BLUE? (from Eumi, dominican republic)

CN Blue was formerly known as Code Name Blue when they had more members. After downsizing to a four member group they shortened their official name to CN Blue

2) If you were a fangirl who would be your favorite member and why? (from Cintbel Isabel , Peru )

* Right after I asked this question, Jungsin chose himself lol *

Than Minhyuk hesitated a bit, everyone agreed that Jungshin is the most attractive, handsome guy of the group and all said they would choose Jungshin if they were a fangirl :)

3) What's ur top weight loss secret?! Share tips with us!

Yonghwa said he ate less and worked out harder! If he gets too hungry he allows himself a little treat of Banana or Chicken breast

4) For MinHyuk, you are called as the King of losing things, what is one thing you have now that you cannot bear to lose? Why? ( from marifela)

Marifela! You made me a bit embarrassed! Haha Im kidding kk
All the members said Minhyuk never leaves his stuff behind! Actually Minhyuk is the one who packs his stuffs the best when they move around for the next schedule
Guys, remember! Minhyuk is not clumsy! never loses things

If he has to choose he would say it’s his MP3 player!

5) Yonghwa, If u were given a chance to acting again, what kind of character would u like to be?
( from Jenny L.Song , Malaysia )

Actually they are going to be in a drama together ,Yonghwa acts as a character who doesn’t care about nothing but the music. And Minhyuk is a drummer who wants to be a poet but lacks in many things aww

6) From all the songs you guys have created, which ones are the most special to you? 
 ( from Joanna/NZ )

  • Jungshin – title number, intuition
  • Jonghyun – Lie
  • Yonghwa – I don’t know why (it’s the genre he likes, he said)
  • Minhyuk – Thank you (he likes the lyrics cuz it expresses gratefulness to his fans)

7) What C.N.BLUE looks for in a girl?

  • Jungshin like mature girls and yongha thinks a girl who can take good care of Jungshin would be perfect for Jungshin
  • Jonghyun like funny girls
  • Yonghwa wants a girl who doesn’t lie, is kind and has a good first impression
  • Minhyuk likes girls who are as comfy as a best friend and has beautiful eyes


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