[INFO] CNBLUE 2nd Teaser - Time & Date information 2011.03.11


This is FNC MUSIC fanclub manager.

Have you watched CNBLUE’s first album [FIRST STEP] teaser that was released on March 7th?

Finally! Next Monday, CNBLUE’s 2nd teaser will be revealed.

We will also be revealing additional schedule information with the 2nd teaser release,

Please check CNBLUE’s schedule below.

March 14th, 12PM NOON: 2nd teaser video release

March 17th, 12PM NOON: Comeback photo release (exclusively on Naver)

March 21st: whole album release!

You can see the above, exclusively at:

Please make sure to check it out.

The comeback photo that will be released on March 17th can only be seen, exclusively, on Naver.

Also, please note, that we will give more notification on when (the time) the full album will be released on March 21st later.

A new side of CNBLUE!

Please see the new look of CNBLUE through the 2nd teaser version!

Thank you.

Source: CNBLUE’s official homepage
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