[VIDEO+TRANS] CNBLUE★mobile Message

Credit to : hanuru2 @ Dailymotion


 [CNBLUE☆MOBILE]  To all fanclub members


All: Good afternoon, we are CNBLUE!
Yonghwa: Thank you very much for always anticipating “CNBLUE☆MOBILE”!
Jonghyun: The site has been opened, thus we feel that the distance between CNBLUE and all of our fans will become more and more closer!
Minhyuk: And then, about the movie comments.
We are also very happy that we can receive messages from everyone in Japan.
Jungshin: Also from now on you can see our latest information, our plans, featuring songs, etc only on this site.This site will bring you all about CNBLUE, so please enjoy it! The end, this was CNBLUE.
All: The end, this was CNBLUE!

Source :Code Azzurro
Translation Credit : AzureAoi @ Code Azzurro
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