[TWITTER] Guitar Freak Lee Jonghyun Update twitter 2011.02.25


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    공연을 보고 바로 글을쓰고
    싶었지만 쓰지못해서 너무 아쉬웠답니다.
    정말 내가 기타를 치고 있다는 것에 대해
    기타는 정말 짱입니다.풉! http://twitpic.com/43jdij

  • Hi this is guitar freak Jonghyun. Not long ago I watched Eric Clapton concert. I was going to tweet right after the concert end, but it was a pity that I couldn't in the end. I feel really proud to play guitar. Guitar is the best! Pooft!

 * OMGEE !! finally mr burning tweet !!! * happy*...but he look sooo tired T___T *

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Translation Credit to : blue_jus7 @ Twitter
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zizie said...

ohh... oppa~
aahh.. i really miss him..
you right.. he look really tired.. fighting oppa!!!