[TRANS+SCAN] 2011 Trendy Special Vol. 2 - Forming Top Bands is Not Easy

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Manager Exposes: Forming Top Bands is Not Easy Becoming Famous is Harder!


Top Pretty Band FTIsland + Top Stylish Band CNBLUE, not complaining about hardships of development, secrets of success revealed….

In recent years, there has been a fast-growing trend of top bands in Taiwan and South Korea. Behind their success is the manager sacrificing his own days of youth, sweat and tears to guide and support their growth. They were just middle school and high school students when they were discovered, so the manager accompanied them during their growth, longing for his treasures to have the day of success.

Complete Training and Development

South Korea’s top pretty band FTIsland and top stylish band CNBLUE were still in middle school or high school when they were taken under FNC Music. These two groups both debuted in the form of bands. The manager arranged not only music-related classes, to allow them room to develop and explore music, but also acting classes to train the members’ acting skills, which contributed towards the lead vocalists of both bands, Lee Hong Ki and Jung Yong Hwa, immediately gaining attention for acting in You’re Beautiful; with handsome looks and exquisite acting they became popular all over Asia.
Furthermore, their management company also arranges artists to learn a second and third foreign language to expand into foreign markets. Because FTIsland and CNBLUE have previously stayed in Japan, they can all speak in fluent Japanese, having no barriers in communicating with Japanese fans. [Part on Oh Won Bin omitted]
[Section on FTIsland omitted]

Iron Discipline Towards CNBLUE is Just Love’s Education!

Having learnt from previous mistakes (T/N: learning from the mistakes of FTIsland), while the management company were training CNBLUE, their approach was stricter than strict. When the members were still trainees, there was once a time when one of the members had done something wrong, so everyone was thrown out of the dormitory.

Everyday the four boys could only carry their instruments, firstly going to the practice room in Gangbuk, Seoul, then taking a ride for more than an hour back to the management company in Gangnam, self-reflecting and begging forgiveness; they begged for two weeks until they were given the chance to officially debut. Although the manager harshly treats CNBLUE in this way, he, however, expressed that iron (strong) discipline is true education of love . FTIsland have already been spoilt, so CNBLUE need to be taught and guided well.
[Paragraph on Oh Wonbin omitted]

Strict Discipline, Manners are Most Important!

[Paragraph on Lee Hongki omitted]
CNBLUE came to Taiwan for a concert in September last year. When the concert was over, drummer Kang Minhyuk rushed to the lounge backstage and sat down immediately next to the director without even greeting him/her.

The manager saw this and said, “You have no manners!”, making Minhyuk jump up from the sofa and quickly get a drink to apologise to the director. The manager expressed: “Even if an artist has already debuted, manners are still the most important thing. Artists must be requested to comply; it is absolutely not permissible for artists under the company to have the “big-head disease” (T/N: swelling ego, i.e. turning snobbish and looking down on others).

Staff Expose:
No. 1 Top Band in History That Loses Things Easily

FTIsland and CNBLUE came to Taiwan for concerts one after another last year; not only did they create many ‘No. 1′ records for popularity and sales, their record label also unexpectedly calculated a new ‘No. 1′ achievement for ‘top bands’ – No. 1 for losing things.

During FTIsland’s first time in Taiwan last year in February, they did not realise that they had left their luggage at the airport, so they would not even have had any clothes to dress into for the following press conference. Their schedule was delayed by an hour as a result.

Junior band CNBLUE are not inferior in any respect; drummer Kang Minhyuk is even named “King of Losing Things”! The manager exposed: “Minhyuk has been losing things ever since he was young, especially MP3 players and iPods. The quantity he has lost can almost be enough to open a shop”! When CNBLUE came to Taiwan, Minhyuk certainly lived up to the reputation of “King of Losing Things”; as soon as they arrived in Taiwan last year in September, he promptly left his wallet in the van. If the Taiwanese staff had not carefully checked the van before getting out, Minhyuk would not have even known that he had lost his wallet. Before the concert rehearsal, Taiwanese staff also ‘unsurprisingly’ found Minhyuk’s iPod again!

[Paragraph on FTIsland omitted]

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