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In this interview, we will ask them the questions you have been curious about.
From the live tour to their ideal type of girl, Q&A start!

We want to have more live performances in Japan this year!
Firstly, please tell us about your first Zepp tour.

YH: It was quite nerve-racking, but all the performances were fun and interesting.
JH: It was really an honor to be able to do Zepp tour this early. I’m pleased that the fans cheer and support us. We’ll continue to work hard to make better musics.
MH: It has always been my dream to do Zepp tour, so I was really happy.
JS: We went from Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya and Tokyo. It was our first time in Fukuoka, I’m glad that the fans enjoyed themselves during the concert.

Where would you like to perform in Tokyo?

YH: Nippon Budokan, Saitama Super Arena, but the place that I really want to perform in is Tokyo Dome!

– When do you have time to compose in the middle of your busy schedule?

YH: At midnight after all my schedules end, the other members also do composing.
And for example, if there is something about drums that I would like to know, I will ask Minhyuk, if it’s about bass I’ll ask Jungshin.

At midnight?

YH: Because we live together.

So you must know each other well. (laugh) Can you share with us each of the members characters?

YH: Jungshin is really a joker, but even though he likes to joke around, he’s a very positive person. A really good dongsaeng.
JS: Jonghyun hyung knows a lot of interesting stories, but he can’t tell the story and end it well. There have been a lot of times when he tells the story only halfway and stops. So it’s not that funny. (laugh)
YH: Minhyuk is the type who’s stable and quiet. But when he’s feeling good he can be quite playful. The problem is that his jokes are not really funny (laugh)
MH: Not funny?
JH: Yonghwa hyung, although his appearance is cool and perfect, he’s more of the joker/prankster out of the four of us.

Umm… that’s surprising (laugh). Anyway, do you have any free time while you’re in Japan?

YH: I had a free schedule yesterday after a long time and went to Harajuku for shopping. These shoes are what I bought yesterday (he said while pointing at the shoes). It’s good, isn’t it? (laugh)

It’s good… (laugh) But wouldn’t the fans recognize you?

YH: I put on an outfit so that I couldn’t be recognized (pulled the hat down – so people couldn’t recognize him) but even so, people still recognized me. (laugh)
There was a fan in a shop who said to the shopkeeper, “That person is a Korean artist, please give him service (special price)”, so in the end I got a discount.

That’s interesting. Now moving one, what is your impression of Japanese girls?

YH: Most japanese girls have nasal voices, I think it’s cute.
MH: (While looking at PopSister magazine) This… they have thick make-up. (laugh)

So, what is your ideal type of girl?

JS: Someone who’s generous and open-minded.
MH: Someone whom I can feel comfortable with like a friend. I like girls with beautiful eyes.
JH: Someone fun to be with
YH: I like a girls who has a cool fashion sense. I also like girls with long and wavy hair.
Because I like clothes (fashion), I hope the girl is interested in fashion too.

I think readers who like fashion will be very happy to read this. Final question, any message for the readers?

YH: I hope that you’re listening to our latest single “RE-MAINTENANCE”. We’ll try to come to Japan more often in the future, so I hope many of you will come to our next performance. We promise to not disappoint you! Once you hear our live performance… there’s no way out (laugh)
( and i’m 100%sure BOICES will AGREE to this last statement!!! )

Source: PopSister Magazine April 2011 Edition
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