2011.02.08 23:43 
  • [To Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk, Jungshin] Noona can't sleep, maybe because I miss you so much... liar.
  • [from Yonghwa] Long time no see!! Are you doing well? How is your cold?

2011.01.26 01:20
  • [To Minhyuk] Could you say a word to me? a chic word.
  • [From Minhyuk] Sleep quickly.


2011.02.09 00:22
  • [To Minhyuk] Come back soon? I'm so curious. Minhyuk, are you practicing drum well? Dung Dung Dung!
  • [From Minhyuk] I'm not doing well. It's so difficult...

2011.02.10 22:52
  • [To Minhyuk] You came! You must be surprised because it's too cold. That's why you covered your whole face?
  • [From Minhyuk] kk because I just woke up...kk

* see the airport fancam  CNBLUE - Gimpo Airport from Japan  *

2011.02.10 23:11 
  • [To Jungshin] It's time for Jungshin to reply UFO, but he isn't. I'm calling Jungshin badly.
  • [From Jungshin] Yes I'm.

2011.02.10 23:47
  • [To Jungshin] Jungshin Chingu, it is said it's Jungtime, is it correct?
  • [From Jungshin] Is it? That's why I'm doing UFO to check it.

* Jungtime: Jungshin is replying UFO now, so fans must send him message.
It's a slang used by fans, how Jungshin knows this word...

2011.02.10 23:43
  • [To Jungshin] Jungshina, Please convey thanks to Minhyuk. It seems Minhyuk has gone.
  • [From Jungshin] I can't speak Korean.

  • [To Jungshin] I am seeing your bright brown color hair. I expect your come back style.
  • [From Jungshin] This time, its shaved head. I am wearing a wig now!

  • [To Jungshin] Will you keep the goddess style at new album?
  • [From Jungshin] No, shaved head... Doesn't it look like a wig?

Translation of Jungshin's reply 2011.02.14 02:59
  • [To Jungshin] Jungshin, you must be busy, you must practice bass, and power dance as well. I am expecting your performance.
  • [From Jungshin] For a while, dance is not allowed. I've danced Poppin too much, I hurt my joints.

This same fan received a message from Jungshin at 2010.10.26 01:06
  • [To Jungshin] Jungshin, please show us dance solo in next album, I will support you.
  • [From Jungshin] There's a rumor that Jungshin's power dance is in the highlight part.

Credit to : saturn.@soompi cnblue
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