[SCAN+TRANS] PATi PATi Vol.315 CNBLUE Sensibility Dictionary "Valentine Day"

Pati Pati Sensibility Dictionary  ♥ Valentine day ♥

  Heroin of the future - Yonghwa
I've thought about this a few times, there are already so many kinds of sweets/cookies in this world but there are always new chocolate and candy ideas come out.

Although I never have made chocolate for anyone yet, someday when I have someone that I really love, I will try to make one for her.

That girl, whoever she is, should look forward to it.

♥ A beautiful day of love - Jonghyun ♥

I've never have a deep thought about Valentine's Day, but if I think about it, it's the day where the popular kid smiles and the unpopular kid cries.

Well~ if you think about it, Valentine's Day could be a beautiful day of love, but to some people it could also be a lonely day. I'm not sure.. it's confusing.

The must have letters - Minhyuk ♥

During school days, I still remember to have helped my friend to confess to a girl that he liked. A confession letter that is written from the heart is important for a confession, I think.

Painful memory - Jungshin

Usually, receives a confession from the girl we like or receives chocolate friendship from friends.

though for a man it is a good day, to the dentist xxxx confession. No, you're wrong.
have received a xx confession, the day also brings back all the painful memories.

*the translation for 'xx' part is not really clear it was written as ㅇㅇㅇㅇ so i'm not really sure*
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