[NEWS] CNBLUE Postponed First Teaser Release Date


Early January, FNC Music reported that CNBLUE will be releasing their first formal album on February 23rd. Unfortunately, we reported earlier this month that both the album and the teaser will be postponed. The album was postponed yet again, and it is scheduled to be released on March 21st.

After the postponement, FNC Music stated that the teaser would be released on February 28st Korean Standard Time (KST); however, the teaser’s release has been delayed yet again.

The following messages was just posted on CNBLUE’s Official Website:

This is the fanclub manager of FNC Music.

Through an official announcement, we had said that CNBLUE’s first teaser would be released today, the 28th; however, for a more complete and thorough album, it has been decided that the teaser will be released a week later, on March 7th.

It was a decision made in order to better the quality and completeness even more because it’s CNBLUE’s first formal album. We ask that BOICES be patient and understanding of the decision.

We apologize for being unable to keep our promises, and CNBLUE will return with a better album with BOICEs’ love and support.

Thank you.”

Well, I guess BOICES and CNBLUE fans are going to wait another week for the release of this now seemingly mysterious teaser. Come back next week for more up to date information about CNBLUE!

* Perhaps it's an apology gift of sorts, but FNC Music just released a teaser photo.
Check it out!* 


Awal Januari, FNC Music melaporkan CNBLUE akan mengeluarkan album formal pertama mereka pada 23hb Februari. Malangnya , kita diberitahu pada awal bulan ini bahawa ianya akan ditangguhkan lagi, dan dijadualkan pada 21hb Mac.

Selepas penangguhan, FNC Music menyatakan bahawa teaser akan dikeluarkan pada 28hb Februari mengikut waktu sebenar Korea (KST); bagaimanaun, pengeluaran teaser telah dilanjutkan lagi.

Mesej dibawah ini baru sahaja di pos pada laman web rasmi CNBLUE:


Ini ialah manager kelab peminat FNC Music.

Melalui pengumuman rasmi, kami telah menyatakan bahawa teaser pertama CNBLUE akan dikeluarkan pada harini,iaitu 28hb Februari; bagaimanapun, untuk melengkapkan lagi album,ianya diputuskan teaser berkenaan akan dikeluarkan pada minggu yang seterusnya iaitu pada 7hb Mac.

Keputusan ini dibuat untuk meningkatkan lagi kualiti dan melengkapkan lagi album formal pertama CNBLUE. Kami berharap semua BOICE akan bersabar dan memahami keputusan ini.

Kami memohon kemaafan kerana tidak dapat mengotakan janji kami, dan CNBLUE akan kembali dengan album yang lebih bermutu atas cinta dan sokongan BOICE.

Terima Kasih.”

all of our boys really HOT in that photo!! omomo~ cant wait for the teaser release~

Credit to: my.yonghwa.baby @ Soompi
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