[NEWS] CNBLUE "Got Closer a Little to Our Dream - Hot & Intense The first Zepp tour finals"

"Want to convey our music and the attraction of our live performance!"

On January 16th, Korean rock band CNBLUE performed the tour finals of "CNBLUE Zepp Tour 2011 ~RE-MAINTENANCE ~" at Zepp Tokyo . They attract attention most in Korea music circles of 2010 and win much rookie of the year title. The live ticket was sold out immediately every time in Japan, they who continued extending the popularity showed hot intense live performance.

Thunderous great encouragement arose with the opening scene in Zepp Tokyo. By Yong Hwa's shout of "Are you ready?" , 

[Let 's Go Crazy] starts . From a beginning, the audience has a large serving in jaunty rhythm .

In [Sweet Holiday], sweet intersecting voice of Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun put together with the sweet melody line.

In [voice], free and easy singing voice of Jong Hyun resounded all over the place with force climbed guitar sound .
It was totally filled with a feeling of freedom in the outdoors and the refreshing air .

About this Zepp tour, Jung Shin says that "Came for Zepp Tokyo in old days to watch the live of a certain artist.
We wanted to do live concert sometime here, now I can meet all of you in this way and am really glad!"

The leader of the band, Yong Hwa says "We run. Please enjoy!. Let's liven up!". He addressed in fluent Japanese.

After [Now or Never] , [Never too late] , the concert rush into jam session. Powerful drum of Min Hyuk, comfortable and infiltrate base of Jung Shin, and a guitar of Yong Hwa & Jong Hyun....
Four sounds overlap, and developed the force from a certain solo to a session, and a great shout goes up.
Then, solid guitar sound resounds successively in [Just Please], Many green lasers create form like fence, and, when the figure of the member rose from that, the whole place swells with strange heat. On the other hand, in sad ballad music [Teardrops in the rain], everyone was wrapped up in sweet warm air,
and the audience listened attentively to the singing voice calmly.

At the later MC, "Debut in Korea on January 14, and one year passed. We experienced various things in both Korea and Japan, and it was a year when every single experience was important. Though we are still unripe, We'll try hard not to betray expectation of all of you."
Yong Hwa told the enthusiasm of new year. Successively they play debut song [ひとりぼっち / Hitoribocchi / I'm a loner] and [LOVE], a great chorus happened and voltage of the audience achieved at the climax.

Jung Shin announced "A single [RE-MAINTENANCE] released on January 9 became the 14th place ranking in a week ! (the twelfth place next week)"
He also said that "Thank you for all of you contribute to the fact".
During the live of this day, they play new three pieces such as [Try again, Smile again] which refreshing melody to feel some nostalgia by the pop finish.
Furthermore, by the encore, Yong Hwa appears play the part of DJ , and the place changes quickly in the club.
They play [DJ+I don’t know why], and [High Fly] from the movie [Acoustic] which Jong Hyun & Min Hyuk staring.
Five songs were played, then certain closed.

In conclusion, "It throbs every time because all 100 times are different if we do 100 times of live performance".
"It is good to listen with a CD though, on the live , a new color is acquired……. I think it is the attraction of the live. " Yong Hwa said.
Min Hyuk said "When I came to Japan for the first time, I do lives on street or do it in a small live house ……Zepp was a dream. When I stand in front of you audience like this, I feel like got closer to a dream a little. It is not a dream to do live in a big place.the dreem is stream down our music widely. We'll show you pleasant live from now on, please look forward to it !!"
Their dream & thought for the music were came enough .


<< Member's comment at pre performance interview >>

Episode of 「RE-MAINTENANCE」production
Yong Hwa:The title RE-MAINTENANCE is the thought to go without forgetting the original intention. Please pay attention to a lyrics, too. Songs that Jong Hyun & me wrote & composed are recorded. We requested the Japanese staff for arrangement. It is gorgeously played with various musical instruments , so this work is well-done and I'm very glad.
Jong Hyun: When I watched a movie "今会いにいきます / Ima Aini Ikimasu" (※Japanese title), I took the influence then I wrote [KIMIO].

How did the member next to you change during one year?
(Jung Shin to Jong Hyun): His guitar and a song advanced fantastically. He leads the band and creates a lot of wonderful music.
(Jong Hyun to Yong Hwa): He composes in the intervals of the very busy schedule . The effort is splendid.
(Yong Hwa to Min Hyuk): He made progress of his drum skill fantastically. The dram sound is a central element that leads the band, so it makes our stage more gorgeous. I think he grows up more from now on.
(Min Hyuk to Jung Shin): Since he is a base player to play a rhythm line as same as me, I really think we are growing up together.

The aim of this year
Jung Shin : I want to challenge songwriting
Jong Hyun : I always think that I want to enjoy music naturally forever than I have a lot of aims.
Yong Hwa : I want to make much more songs. I want to make the album which the saong that Min Hyuk and Jung Shin wrote is in. I want to share pleasure with an audience.
Min Hyuk : I want to try so hard that I can participate in an album by songwriting. I want to improve my skill of the drum more.


Translated Credit to: Tsuchiya Mieko (Triplegrace @ IMDB JL)
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