Korea’s Most Handsome Male Artist Ranking 2011

Yonghwa Ranks #14  ^^

Recently, a Korean website held a poll for “2011 Korea’s Most Handsome Male Artist”, attracting over 5000 netizens to vote.

The top 25 most handsome South Korean male artists of 2011 are:
1. Hyunbin
2. Kim Hyun Joong
3. Song Seung Heon
4. Kim Jaejoong
5. Jung il-woo
6. Yoo Ah-In
7. Park Yoochun
8. Lee Seung Gi
9. Lee Min Ho
10. Jang Geun Suk
11. Kim Bum
12. Song Joongki
13. Nickhun
14. Jung Yonghwa
15. Lee Hongki
16. Rain
17. Taecyeon
18. Bae Yong Jun
19. Kwon Sang-woo
20. So Ji-sub
21. Won Bin
22. Yoo Seung Ho
23. No Min Woo
24. Lee Junki
25. Choung Kyung Ho

Source: [sohu.com]
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Hime said...

wow the list..i like! but my Yoon Ah In should be the first in my list

nessa said...

i think yong hwa can beat jung il woo on the list..to me yong hwa is the most handsome of them all =)

haninie(이 종현) said...

for me no min woo is the most handsome !! kkkk * too bad my lovely burning Jonghyun not in the list T_T *

nezel said...

juju... too bad my min ho's rank nomber 9 dats not true, i want him 2 b num. 2 nxt 2 hyun bin. huujujuju

nezel said...

juju,,,,.. too bad my min ho rank 9 its not true i want him 2 b number 2 nxt to hyun bin... hehehjee♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

moon ;May 1,2013 at 6:24 PM
I think that jung il-woo is the most handsome in them.he has strange attraction for not only girls but also women.