[FAN ACCOUNT ] About JongHyun and JungShin new hairstlye

  • JungShin just change abit the length of his hair~~he didnt shaved it (YEN:JungSHin!!liar!!)
  • but he change his hair colour(dye)~Jonghyun Also Change his hair colour~jungshin and jonghyun comeback together, i think they go to salon together~
  • MinHyuk was the 1 eating slowly in CNB~because he eat other’s when he is finish himself, others eat 1 ,he eat 2, even Jungshinie was almost fall asleep,he still eating~[YEN:hahaha!!i know minhyuk love food~but im surprise tht he eat alot!hahah!cute minhyuk!!] 

* YEN: i trans by my way~not 100% according to Parishin sentences^^ *

Credit source: [ParisShin @ weibo] 
Trans & posted by YEN@cnbluebeat

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shinifa said...

huhu~thats a releif he didnt shaved his hair..keke..
oh min hyuk.. how cute he is... >_<