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Sensibility dictionary 'A grown-up'

Jungshin: Grandfather band
More matured than now, like we always say, we will be performing as 'Grandfather band' whom everyone envies.

Jonghyun: What is greater than anything else
As Cnblue members get older, untill we all become bald like in my drawing!
We will performing live, keep doing music.
This is my dream and my purpose. There is no greater thing than this.
(He drew 'CNBALD'. And Minhyuk looks like an octopus..

Yonghwa: What I draw in my mind is...
CNBLUE grow more, become to be named as a national(?) band,
at an outdoor stage, with many audience, enjoy together. I am drawing of it.

Minhyuk: Getting older on the stage
On bigger stage, with more fans, CNBLUE will be enjoying live performance.
I will be a grown-up who grow older on the sage, won't I?


( note from saturn. )
* I read full interview of pati pati. It's full of their pure love and passion toward music. Their comments about 3 new songs are interesting. Jonhyun said, he felt fresh mood to hear 'Try again smile again'. So he played the acoustic guitar, not the elec guitar. Minhyuk also said, to express this fresh mood, he made fresh rhythm and practiced so much before recording. Jungshin said, when he heard this melody first, he felt something soft and it reminded him all happy moments he experienced. He tried to keep this image in recording.
Jonghyun's 'Kimio' was made some time ago. (They performed it for 10 secs at Oct.28 Japan fan meeting.). He originally made it slower, like a drama OST. But as it's being arranged, it became to have faster tempo. So the mood of this song was changed. He said he experienced the power of arranging. *

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