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CNBLUE Seoul Concert Coverage

The Concert, Feel The Blue

CNBLUE, who had attained beautiful results during 2010, chose to meet fans who love them in the form of concerts at the end of the year. With Seoul below zero degree Celsius, CNBLUE was able to warm up the temperature with their passionate concerts….

CNBLUE Seoul Concert Direct Attack

Although they were extremely busy due to the year-end award ceremonies and special stage performances, CNBLUE still managed to find time from their tight schedule to hold concerts which they could interact directly with their fans. At Kyung Hee University’s Peace Hall, on this particular day of 18th December, Feel the Blue concert was filled with BOICEs from all over the world.

Still CNBLUE’s Style

CNBLUE, who powerfully started their concert with the two songs “Ready N Go” and “voice”, did not have gorgeous costumes; they were only dressed in the familiar boy-next-door style of checked shirts, jeans and canvas shoes, like CNBLUE’s music that always lets people feel easy to get close to and be comfortable with.
During the concert, besides singing songs from their Korean and Japanese albums, CNBLUE also especially performed the English songs that they often covered during their previous street performances: “Geek in the Pink”, “Harder to Breathe” and “Let’s Get it Started”. It was here that CNBLUE completely revealed their music talent from the close collaboration of the four members without any regrets.
During the time for conversation on stage, Jonghyun would always refuse to respond to Jungshin’s joke; Yonghwa would bicker endlessly with Jungshin whenever he found the chance to, causing to Minhyuk to stand out and act as the peacemaker for the two. The natural conversation of the four members was just as fascinating as their performance, and indeed added a lot of laughter to the atmosphere.


Due to the passionate cheers from BOICEs, Jonghyun, who was preparing in the dark, was unable to control his laughter. With his snort laughter, CNBLUE’s first specially prepared surprise was unveiled.
Yonghwa, who had originally disappeared from the stage, suddenly transformed into a DJ and was raised to a higher stage together with the DJ mixer, an extremely stunning ‘DJ Yonghwa’. The song aired today was “I don’t know why”; DJ Yonghwa rotating the turntable and the other three CNBLUE members joining in with their instruments, led the whole audience at the venue to sway their bodies irresistibly and began to sing along.
Right after the end of an MV clip, when a spotlight lit up on the stage, only Yonghwa could be seen dressed in a formal black suit with a glamorous red bow tie on his neck; he sat in front of a grand piano and began to play and sing lovingly the all-time familiar Christmas song “White Christmas”. Yonghwa’s handsome appearance caused the audience to scream out of surprise and the screams almost broke through the roof.
When Jungshin, Minhyuk and Jonghyun also appeared subsequently in their black suits, the screams could not only break through the roof, but also felt as if the frozen ice caused by the snow two days ago, were melted by the passion from BOICEs.
CNBLUE’s Christmas surprise for BOICEs, had just begun!
With the prelude of “Feliz Navidad”, other than CNBLUE on the stage, a brass sextet also appeared on the elevated part of the stage and white snowflakes also started falling down onto the concert venue. The Christmas party belonging to CNBLUE and BOICEs started off in a happy atmosphere, with Minhyuk leading everyone to sing along to “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” in a ‘very CNBLUE’ concert!

Want to listen to “I’m a Loner” or “LOVE”?

How could the concert miss out CNBLUE’s classic signature songs when it was at the peak?
Playful Yonghwa purposely asked, “Do you want to listen to CNBLUE and the brass sextet perform “I’m a Loner” or “LOVE”? “ How could the clever BOICEs just settle for one song, of course they want all.
However, the playful leader insisted the audience to only choose one. This was just too hard on everybody! Even the other members could not stand it and expressed that they would like to sing both songs. Surprisingly, Yonghwa still insisted: “No! No!” Even Minhyuk contended strongly: “These are requests from the fans that came especially to listen to our concert, right? Cannot? Why not?” “Cannot! Cannot!” Yonghwa finally could not help but revealed the answer: “The reason is because we have prepared for three songs.”
Upon hearing the answer, the audience screamed and laughed so excitedly. Although the audience were constantly teased by Yonghwa, in the end everyone was still defeated by the “surprise” from the mischievous leader!
(TRENDY OS: Ah, but Minhyuk’s acting skills were too natural, was it due to the participation in the recent TV drama?)
With the integration of the brass sextet, CNBLUE’s signature songs “I’m a Loner”, “LOVE” and “Love Light” made the Christmas party belonging to CNBLUE and BOICEs reach over its peak excitement once again!

Uniquely special and Touching Encore

The warm and happy atmosphere of CNBLUE’s concert made everyone forget about the sub-zero winter cold temperature, and to not realise the passing of time. With CNBLUE having performed their 23 songs filled with pleasant surprises, this Feel the Blue concert had come to an end. Of course, how could CNBLUE ever forget of giving their enthusiastic fans an awesome encore! With the rise of the passionate shouts for encore, the big screen on the stage started to show interactive instructions for the fans, informing everyone the procedure of recalling CNBLUE — firstly, shout “encore” 17 times, followed by requesting everyone to turn off their light sticks (even specifically pin-pointing the fan on the right side of level three to turn off her light stick immediately), then shout “encore” 10 more times.
With the continuous shout out of “I LOVE CNBLUE”, the beat from Minhyuk’s drums began to sound, while a fluorescent human figure appeared on the pitch dark stage, working hard on playing the drums. The super dazzling drum skills had caused the whole audience to clap and cheer for Minhyuk. Then, along with the sound from guitar and bass; fluorescent human shadows appeared one after another, presenting a super cool and stunning fluorescent show on stage. The rock version of “I’m a Loner” unveiled the prelude of the encore.
From the conversation during the encore segment, the CNBLUE members revealed their plans for the year 2011 successively. Not only were they actively preparing for their new album, it has also been scheduled to release in February next year. CNBLUE have planned and prepared for a world concert tour next year. Also, those fantastic songs, which could only be found in their Japanese albums, will have Korean versions recorded!
Finally, with the Korean version of “a.ri.ga.tou” performed by CNBLUE filled with gratefulness, everyone promised to meet again in CNBLUE’s concert next year, the year after… and every subsequent year! Hope that with this agreement, CNBLUE would also come to Taiwan next year (the year 2011); they made a pact with everyone!

Battle of Loving Fans

Before singing “Love Light”, the battle of loving fans between Yonghwa and Jungshin was triggered once again….
Yonghwa: Do you know what the next song will be? “Love Light”? I will look at one fan while singing each verse of this song, is there anyone who wishes to be gazed by me? Why isn’t anyone raising their hand? Don’t like me? (Talking to the fans in front of Jungshin) Ah, Jungshin’s fans? It will be good to like me too, right? The first verse is for the fan holding the fan board with “Most handsome when singing” on the first level, the red fan board with “Rabbit Yonghwa” on the second level is chosen for the second verse! The third verse is for a certain fan on the third level who I can’t see properly as she is too far away, but I will try my best to look to the furthest.
Jungshin: Aren’t you too bias? I will look at every one when I am singing, but why ‘Mr Yonghwa’, you only….
“Lee Jungshin! Lee Jungshin! Lee Jungshin!” All the audience supported Jungshin after hearing him.
“’Mr Jungshin’, I am looking at everybody”, Yonghwa explained immediately, but hearing all audience supporting Jungshin, he said: “Ze! (T/N: clicking of tongue) There are so many fan boards for Jungshin ah! Then the first verse will be for all on the first level, the second verse will be for all on the second level, and I will look at all on the third level when singing the third verse. As I am a type A.…”
At first, we thought that the battle of loving fans by the two type A guys Jungshin and Yonghwa concluded with Jungshin being the winner, but unexpectedly… Jonghyun suddenly said during the prelude: “I am going to look at ALL the fans!” and he walked to the front edge of the stage, seriously walking from the left side of the stage to the right while playing his music; totally disregarding the battle between Yonghwa and Jungshin, and immediately snatching away the final victory.

Battle of Loving Fans – Music Relay

When performing “LOVE”, Yonghwa always played the “Say…” game with everyone. Once Yonghwa started singing: “Say love love love!”, the audience would follow with “Love love love!” Yonghwa would again sing: “Say wu wa wu wa oh wa number one two.” With help from Jonghyun, the audience would follow: “Say wu wa wu wa oh wa number one two.” Yonghwa mischievously began to play beatboxing on purpose, expecting the audience to follow, while Minhyuk secretly imitated Yonghwa’s rhythm with his drum beat.
Unexpectedly, this totally aroused the competitive nature of leader Yonghwa, saying directly: “Look at that fellow!” And he followed by a long and complicated beatbox, but Minhyuk again used the sound from his drum to get the exact rhythm, as such these two gentlemen competed with each other for several rounds. At last, Yonghwa had to end the game feeling a little unsatisfied: “LOVE for adorable Yeondoo, and LOVE for all who adores Yeondoo.”

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