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As you guys know, 14th January is our CNBLUE first anniversary ever and because of this, CNBLUEBEAT's crew make a special project to send very meaningful items for our boys. There are surely different from other Boices.

For this project, we had prepared each of CNBLUE's member a pair of our traditional Malay man clothes named Baju Melayu.

Baju Melayu is a traditional Malay outfit for men. It literally translates as 'Malay shirt' and consists of two main parts. The first being the baju (long sleeved shirt) itself which has a raised stiff collar known as the cekak musang collar (literally fox's lease). The second part is the trousers. The two parts are made out of the same type of fabric which is usually silk, cotton, or a mixture of polyester and cotton.

A skirt-type adornment is also commonly worn with the Baju Melayu, which is either the "kain sampin", made out of songket cloth or the kain sarung, made out of cotton or a polyester mix. Both are loops of fabric which are folded around the wearer's waist. A jet-black or dark coloured headgear called the songkok can also worn to complete the attire.

Cool right?
Beside Baju Melayu, we also prepared some instant foods for the boys such as cereals, instant noodles, soup, cookies and also some healthy food like vitamins. All of these were prepared and fully sponsored by a company and already on its way to Korea. Can you guys imagine how handsome they are while wearing our national clothes? I will be melting for sure~kkkkk

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[ Malay Version ]

Seperti mana yang anda semua tahu, 14 Januari ini merupakan ulangtahun yang pertama kali buat bintang kita - CNBLUE. Oleh kerana itu, pihak kami telah membuat satu projek khas dimana kami menghantar hadiah-hadiah yang istimewa dan tentunya lain dari yang lain. Bagi projek kali ini, CNBLUEBEAT menyediakan setiap seorang dairpada mereka sepasang baju tradisional lelaki melayu iaitu baju melayu.

Baju melayu ini merupakan persalinan tradisonal melayu untuk lelaki. Terdapat dua bahagian utama pada baju ini. Yang pertama ialah baju (berlengang panjang) dan berkolar yang dikenalpasti sebagai cekak musang. Bahagian yang kedua ialah seluar. Dua bahagian ini kebiasaannya menggunakan jenis kain yang sama dimana kain-kain seperti sutera, kapas dan campuran antara polister dan kapas.

Selalunya sehelai kain yang seakan-akan skirt akan dipakai bersama dengan baju melayu ini yang dikenali sebagai samping, yang selalunya diperbuat daripada kain songket atau kain sarung yang dibuat dari kain kapas. Kedua-duanya dipakai dibahagian pinggang si pemakai. Dan sebuah penutup kepala yang bewarna gelap atau hitam yang dikenali sebagai songkok dipakai diatas kepala sebagai pelengkap busana ini.

Hebat kan?
Selain baju melayu, kami juga telah menyediakan makanan segera seperti bijirin, mee segera, sup, biskut dan makanan yang berkhasiat seperti vitamin. Kesemua barang-barang ini telah mendapat tajaan sepenuhnya daripada sebuah syarikat dan hadiah-hadiah ini sedang dalam perjalanan menuju ke syarikat mereka di Korea.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks to all your support and love !
With this 2011 brand new year, CNBLUEBEAT will give the best in order to support CNBLUE on behalf all Malaysian BOICEs.

Lets stay as one to support the one & only CNBLUE !
Proud to be BOICE



mimo said...

waa~awesome =) can't wait to see they wear it.haha

~Fdina~ said...

omg!nice~~ i know they gonna look so cute wearing it!hehehe

manimani25 said...

wow..this is great!! I would love to see them wearing it too! btw. I'm a Malaysian Boice living in Tokyo.

I want to share this with you guys but I don't know how to contact the administrator.

I went to the CNBLUE shop in Odaiba 2 days ago and took some pictures. I've posted them in soompi.


Have a look.

Khairunnisa nasrudin (QOQOY) said...

Wah sangat teruja