[PHOTOS] CNBLUE visit Elementary School For Multicultural Children & Orphanage 2011.01.03

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On Jan.03 CNBLUE went to a school for multicultural children and orphanage.
Actually a concert was planned on that day, but there was not enough time to prepare, so it's cancelled after ticket was sold.
Well, it's a good charity event for children, but it was planned by political purpose.
Do you remember Mr. Jung Yonghwa who had come to 2010.Jan.14 debut showcase? He was presidential secretary at that time. (The man of orange necktie in the picture) He said he came to celebrate a new musician who had same name with himself.
After that, he ran for the National Assembly. During the campaign, he planned a charity concert of CNBLUE in his district. He once came to CNBLUE performance and took a picture with Yonghwa then published that picture in his local newspaper. We fans really worried, but the charity concert was not held.
Already, CNBLUE is being used in various events by who want to use them for their own credit.
Of course each event is of good purpose. The children must be very happy to see CNBLUE and CNBLUE members must be happy too they could help them. but I can't help but worrying.
Especially any connection with politician is so much dangerous. It may destroy their fame in one moment.
Koreans are very seneitive to ideology or political tendency.
Yonghwa is already being held in this and that broadcasting stations. How is even a politician trying to use him?

One heart warming article:
A cable TV staff wrote a short witness account of CNBLUE. This person was touched by the relationship of CNBLUE members. Especially Yonghwa was so devoted and considerate to his brothers, he looked like he could do anyting for the team.


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