[NEWS WGM] Seohyun finally meets Yonghwa’s mother on “We Got Married”

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun finally visited Yonghwa’s hometown of Busan on the latest episode of MBC’s “We Got Married.”

As reported earlier, Seohyun finally got to meet Yonghwa’s mother in person during the couple’s trip.

Meeting her at a sashimi restaurant, the three engaged in conversation and viewers were quick to notice the respectful manners Seohyun was displaying before her mother-in-law. She showed a bigger appetite than normal (since that’s what mother-in-laws love to see in a daughter-in-law) and by opening her mouth wider than normal for each bite, she made sure to eat without being picky as well.

When Seohyun briefly left for the restroom, Yonghwa began asking his mother about her thoughts on his new wife.

She replied with a content smile, “She’s not like kids these days, as she’s very nice and respectful. I like her a lot, I think she’ll treat you well. It’s important how well your personalities match, though.”

She even suggested that Yonghwa feed her one of the dishes himself upon Seohyun’s return, and the two pulled off the ‘act of affection’ in front of her despite much embarrassment.

After seeing Yonghwa feed her another bite, she commented, “Daughter-in-law, you’re making me jealous! You remind me of the movie ‘Trap.’ It’s a movie about a mother-in-law killing her daughter-in-law out of jealousy. They fight in the end,” putting Seohyun in a state of shock.

In an effort to help Seohyun feel less nervous, she began telling her stories of Yonghwa’s past. She started, “I saw Yonghwa writing letters on the show and was very surprised. Ever since he was little all the way up until he graduated high school, he wrote the same thing in his letters to his parents.”

She continued, “They were always, ‘Parents, thank you for giving birth to me. I’ll grow up into a man you’ll be proud of. Please live a long and healthy life.’”

Yonghwa clarified, “I’m not used to writing stuff like that,” while his mother retorted, “But you write so many letters to Seohyun.”

When asked for any advice from Seohyun, Yonghwa’s mother replied, “There’s nothing you have to fix. Everyone grew up in a different setting, and all you need to do is think preciously of Yonghwa. You’re doing great.”

Seohyun also prepared an abundance of presents for Yonghwa’s mother, such as sweet potatoes and health products she bought from her visit to Japan, along with a thoughtful handwritten letter.

(admin note : yonghwa's mom is absolutely adorable! omg! i like her so much! seohyun, you got very awesome mother in law!! :D)

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