[NEWS] Exclusive interview with FNC President Han Seong Ho

Jan.16 late evening, his voice across the phone was trembling.

It sounded like he was hiding the sense of accomplishment. President of FNC and composer Han Seong Ho, who digged up CNBLUE and produced them, he felt unbearable after seeing the concert in Zepp Tokyo.
He used to visit Japanese music parties to ask them to listen to CNBLUE musics. But now, he has to hide from crowding music people.

Q: How big is the popularity of CNBLUE in Japan?

Han: They are called 'Monster'. They are said in Japan, no other musicians were this popular before major debut. It is more surprising they did activities in Korea at the same time.

Q: Please tell me the result.

Han: All three singles released were ranked in Oricon Top 10. More than 20 concerts were all sold out as soon as ticket open. I need to compute the exact total, but I expect the total sales of last year is more than 5 billion won.

Q: How are you preparing their major debut?

Han: I have been contacting Japanese major records lables for 2 years. All of them expect that CNBLUE will make 100 billion won per year in 3 years. They judge that after major debut, each concert can gather 10,000 audience.

Q: What is the reason for Japanese music people to judge CNBLUE's ability that high?

Han: They judge it good that CNBLUE had indi musician life in Japan. They feel closer than other Korean musicians who debuted in Korea then come later.
Also CNBLUE is judged higher because they are rock band, which is major music in Japan.
Other attractive points are that members can compose and write lyrics, also have ability of actors.

Q: Did you confirm the partner of Japanese major records?

Han: Summarized to 2 or 3 companies, I am still talking. The contract condition are similar. I am just checking how much they can all-in to CNBLUE. I will make a decision within first half of this year.

Q: What is the future plan ?

Han: Next month, new album is released in Korea. All songs are ready, being recorded. After the promotion of album, Jung Yonghwa and Kang Minhyuk have high probability of appearing in drama.
Major debut in Japan will be in Summer.

Q: Do you have message to talk to members?

Han: For past 1 year, I appreciate you for living without cell phone and keeping yourself away from internet. I ask you not to forget your first intension, just do as you're doing now.


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