[INFO] Jungshin to Participate in Kpop-Idols Event in Thailand

 Thanks to  Orjjung@twitter for the photos ^^

[Kpop-Idol at Royal Cliff Hotels Pattaya in Thailand]

  • SBS New Year Special [Korea Program]

  • Date 17-19 Jan 2011 SBS is bringing Idols for show recording at Royal Cliff Pattaya.

  • Very special and exclusive for VIP Party just for 50 people that will have a chance to get very close to their idols and also join the SBS show recording !!!

  • For those who are not ‘VIP Party’ will also be able to watch but quite far away(^^)**If you want to be VIP, more info will be release soon**


  • Names of idols that are coming (19 people but 3-4 more need to be confirmed again)

Super Junior : Donghae & Eunhyuk
Ft Island : Lee  hongki

Girl Generation : Yoon Ah & Yuri & Soo Yong
Kara : Kyuri & Goo HaRa
4Minute : Hyun Ah
T-Ara : Hyo Min
AfterSchool : Yoo-I
Secret : Sun Hwa
Sista : Hyo Rin
2am : Sul Ong, Jin Woon
SS501 : Park Jung Min
Shinee : Onew and Min Ho

CNBlue : Lee Jung Shin

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Credit translation : hk_c san + Kaori’s note 
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