[AUDIO + ENG TRANS ] CNBLUE Interview @ MBC radio Shim Shim Ta pa 2011.01.01

Credit : sapphire0101@youtube

Yunha: Who is it? Who is taking my time slot?!

CNBLUE: Hello we are CNBLUE.
Minhyuk: This is our first radio show of 2011.
DJ: Please speak words of blessing to each other.
Yunha: I like both singing and performing of CNBLUE. This year too, I hope you be loved with your music.
Minhyuk: I like all songs of Yunha sunbae.
Jungshin: We really like.
Minhyuk: From now on, please let us listen to your better music.
Yunha: Seeing you nearly, you guys are really handsome.
DJ: You look very shy now. You were not at all when you were just with us.
Please tell me your wish in 4 characters.
Yunha: '건강과 운'(Health and luck)
Jungshin: '모두 대박'(All big success) This year, we members are planning to perform individual activities in various fields. I hope all of us make great success.
Minhyuk: '밴드 대박'(Band success)
DJ: Yes, band music should be more vitalized.
Jonghyun: '사랑해줘'(love me)
DJ: Already you are being loved. '좀 나눠줘'(Share me some)
Please read listeners' 4 characters wishes. '사탕키스'(Candy kiss). Ah it's my wish too.
Jonghyun: It really arouses my sympathy. '많은 휴일' (Many holidays)
DJ: We have many holidays in year 2011.
Minhyuk: (Can't read, because of laughing) '우주정복'(conquer the universe)
Jungshin: I need to read this. '야동끊자'(Quit the porno)
DJ: must have watched so much last hear.
Jungshin: Ah it's not me, the listener!
DJ: Of course I said to the listener. Why do you burst into anger? 

Yunha and CNBLUE must go back to the stage.
Let's listen to CNBLUE's song, LOVE!
Then when is Yunha's song aired?

Yunha: ... CNBLUE Jjang!!


It seems Yonghwa and Jonghyun went to Shinee concert on Jan.01.
One man posted a short witness account.
"I went to Shinee concert, and I saw Yonghwa and Jonghyun of CNBLUE. I was seated near them. (Then they were in ordinary audience seat, not in VIP seat) My girlfriend went crazy to see Jonghyun(Maybe Shinee Jonghyun), but I was shocked to see Yonghwa in person. He looked much more handsome in real life.
He was wearing black coat and grey muffler."

Translation Credit to : Saturn.@ cnblue soompi
Re-Post by : ninie@cnbluebeat

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