[NEWS] CNBLUE’s comeback possibly delayed with drama offers


CNBLUE appears to be stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Their rising popularity in the acting industry is forcing them to debate between following more acting opportunities, or continuing with their scheduled comeback.

On December 29th, the band’s agency, FNC Music, revealed that the boys’ February comeback might be delayed in order to give priority to the offers the members have been receiving from drama producers.
A representative of the agency stated, “All four of the members have all been offered roles in different dramas by popular directors. We’re currently discussing the possibility of delaying their comeback as singers because of them.”
Although nothing’s set in stone yet, the development only shows that the rookie group’s fame is well-established.

Kang Minhyuk is currently starring in SBS’s “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter,” while Jung Yonghwa has a drama scheduled for the second half of 2011.

*this is bad...huhuhu..i wanna see their comeback..tskk..tskk *

Source: Star News via Nate
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[ARTICLE] CNBLUE Rank #6 for 2010 Korean Music Top 10


Top 10 Hot Tracks: 

  1. SuJu ‘Bonamana’
  2. SNSD ‘OH’
  3. 2AM ‘Cant Let U Go Even if I die’
  4. 2PM ‘I’ll Be Back’
  5. FT Island ‘Love Love Love’
  6. CN Blue ''I’m a loner''
  7. 2NE1 ‘Cant Nobody’
  8. Miss A ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl’
  9. SHINee ‘Lucifer’
  10. Wondergirls ’2 Different Tears’

[ Note: It’s not for a specific chart or anything. Sina (Chinese site) is just summarizing the Top Korean music/artists for 2010 ]

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[FANCAM] Jonghyun & Yonghwa Recording MBC Icon 2010.12.26

[ Love Light. A Section 1 only ]

[ Geek in the pink-Partly ]

[ Ending. Bye bye ]
Credit : ysloveu0@youtube


Credit : kimjiyoung85@youtube

Credit : bbjung@youtube

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[FANTAKEN] Jonghyun & Yonghwa Recording MBC Icon 2010.12.26




Credit : everbodylovelovelove.com

Credit to : hi7093.blog.me


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[FAN ACCOUNT] CNBLUE Chrismast Concert - Feel The BLUE 2010.12.24

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Credit : http://kojimom.blog.me/

Stage 1

01. Ready N Go : Yonghwa's mic didn't work.
02. Voice : Jungshin flew, (jumped so high)

Yonghwa, Jonghyun: Hello!
Yonghwa: Let's greet together. Hello.
All: We are CNBLUE!
Yonghwa: We are doing a concert in my hometown...
Jonghyun: Yeh~
Yonghwa: I wonder how long I've been since I came here last. This KBS hall was where I used to come to see the concert. Now I am so happy I am performing my concert here.
Aren't you Jonghyun? (JH was drinking water) It's not the time to drink water.
Jonghyun: Ah Busan person. Yeh I feel good! Today, we are performing in my love Busan (changed to Busan accent) I'll speak in dialect.
Yonghwa: (Busan accent) I'll speak in dialect too. But here are many Seoul people, I will speak half and half.
Jonghyun: Minhyuk, Please greet in dialect.
Minhyuk: (Busan dialect) Hello. I'm speaking in dialect which I learned at our dorm together.
(Seoul accent) Hi, I am CNBLUE drummer Kang Minhyuk!
Jonghyun: Jungshin, speak a word please, in dialect.
Jungshin: Hi, I am Lee Jungshin from Ilsan.
Jonghyun: dialect dialect!
Jungshin: (tried to pretend dialect but almost Seoul accent) I am Lee Jungshin from Ilsan.
Jonghyun: By any chance, Was the mic not working while we're singing?
Audience: Yes!!
Jonghyun: Really?!! Yonghwa hyung's?
Yonghwa, Jungshin: It was an attraction of live performance, please understand.
Minhyuk: You will understand us, won't you everyone?
Audience: One more time! One more time!
Yonghwa: No no
Jungshin: You'll be sick of it if we play one more time
Yonghwa: We have so many songs we've prepared, so many songs to play with. We will go right away.
What? You don't hear my voice yet? Ah you didn't hear my voice before? I am sorry, I didn't know it.
I thought it's alright because I heard it from here. But I sang so hard. Didn't you hear me? I sang so loudly.
Jonghyun: You heard my voice? You did? Ah then I'm OK.
Minhyuk: Then how about Ready N Go 1 verse? just 1st verse?
Yonghwa: just 1st verse?
Jonghyun: Yonghwa hyung, refrain.
Yonghwa: Refrain begins with your singing.
Jonghyun: Ah does it?
Minhyuk: No, from the begining, just 1st verse. OK?
Yonghwa: Let's pretend we start again
Minhyuk: You jump with us!
Jonghyun: Jump jump jump
Yonghwa: Pretend you didn't see me, pretend.

03. Ready N Go 1st verse replay : Yonghwa shouted 'Everyone, nice to meet you!'

Yonghwa: Is it OK?
Jonghyun: Is it OK?

04. Black flower
05. One time

Yonghwa: Wow~ everyone, Anyone who came to Seoul concert? Wow so many people came.
(People called Jonghyun's name here and there, Jonghyun looked at and pointed each fan)
Jonghyun: There! here!
Yonghwa: I told you at Seoul concert, next songs are what will be included in next regular album. Please listen to them and fall into them.
Jungshin: We believed you would love our regular album too. We made them really hard. Please expect them.
Minhyuk: Let's go to next song. Let's go.

06. Just please
07. Y, why : All fans gathered hands, were fidgety, felt like praying. Yonghwa successfully sang the 3 steps high notes. many fans cried.
Yonghwa's voice condition wasn't better than Seoul concert. But he sang it like 'I'll do it or die'.
(I hope he doesn't sing this song when his voice is not in good condition, it really breaks people's heart.)

Audience: Jung Yonghwa! Jung Yonghwa! Jung Yonghwa!
Minhyuk: Ah didn't you cry? He sang it so passionately. When Yonghwa hyung sings this song, it's really high note, but his emotion makes him possible to go up to the note.
Jungshin: Isn't it the popular 3 steps high notes? It's a power of magic, power of magic.
Yonghwa: I could do 4 steps high notes, but I am hiding it.
Jungshin: Ah I am sorry. Everyone, we've performed many copy songs...
(some were shouting Jonghyun's name) Why? Yon don't want to hear? Pass Pass. I'll go to next song. The next song is.
Yonghwa: I will do.
Audience: Lee Jungshin! Lee Jungshin! Lee Jungshin!
Jungshin: We've performed many copy songs, please tell me any song you want to hear.
Jonghyun: Sunday morning?? (Playing guitar) This song?

08. Sunday morning 1st verse: Jonghyun began by himself playing guitar, then bass, drums, Yonghwa's chorus joined one by one.

Jonghyun: Anything else? What?
Yonghwa: Maroon5 song?
Jonghyun: What do you want? Ah I can't hear you.
Minhyuk: Maroon5 this song? (Minhyuk suddenly began 'Harder to breathe' by the drums) I can't skip Maroon5. I can't keep silent if you say Maroon5.
Yonghwa and others don't know well. Harder to breathe.
Yonghwa: Jonghyuh, pick one.
Jonghyun: Geek in the pink. Actually, one of my friend is here, he wanted to hear it. Of couse I will do it for all of you.
Jungshin: You tend toward biased, you must not do that.
Jonghyun: What! What?
Jungshin: Sorry.
Minhyuk: Any other song to hear? What? Happy birthday song? Who's birthday? Umbrella? Umbrella...
Ah, Let's get it started. Yes, I got 'Let's get it started'.
Jonghyun: Wait, Are you really hearing them?
Minhyuk: Sure I am.
Jonghyun: Ehhhh. You are just picking what you want
Minhyuk: Harder to breathe. Then let's begin with 'Geek in the pink'. You play with us, Are you ready?

09. Geek in the pink: Yonghwa sang 'Oh Oh Busan'...
10. Harder to breathe: Jonghyun's guitar solo is ultimate of splendor.
11. Let's get it started: Jungshin kept jumping at 'run it run it' part.

Minhyuk: Are you sure you played enough? Everyone, promise me you will play to the end with no regret.
Yonghwa: Yeondu!
Jungshin: Trend of this time, Mister Yeondu.
Yonghwa: His scene is being increased in every episode, our Yeondu. Jonghyun, what's next song?
Jonghyun: Next song is my song. It's a good song although you don't know the lyric... haha
It was in Japanese album, but it will be included in next regular album with Korean lyric. Please listen a lot.
We've run joyfully. Let's cure our heart with soft songs.
Yonghwa: It's Jonghyun's song. Let's concentrate on him, his tender voice.

12. Eclipse
13. I will forget.
14. I don't know why: DJ Yong in Busan concert was more accustomed and sexy.

Stage 2

15. White Christmas : Like Seoul concert Yonghwa sang it by himself playing the piano.
16. Feliz Navidad : It began with only Jonghyun's song and guitar, later other members and 6 of brass performers joined.
17. Santa Claus is coming to town: Minhyuk sang.

Yonghwa: Dear everyone, Merry Christmas!. It's Christmas eve today. Every Christmas, I am with fans, I am so happy about it.
Minhyuk: Last year, the same day last year, the Christmas eve, Do you remember?
Yonghwa: We were filming 'I'm a loner' music video.
Minhyuk: I am happy I could perform a concert at Christmas eve. Are you happy too?
Yonghwa: Although it's Christmas, they(brass) came to Busan with us. Please give them applause.
We prepared Christmas present for you. We prepared our songs which were loved most... (in English) Attention please?
You love Jonghyun too much. I am speaking now. (Busan dialect) Look at me straight~
Jonghyun: I am sorry. Please undersdand them. (don't know what he meant)
Yonghwa: We are singing Christmas carol together, spending Christmas together. We are happy we can be with you. Jungshin, What song did you prepare?
Jungshin: I want to be a loner. I'm a loner brass version, it's arranged nicely, with Christmas feeling. Please listen to it.
Minhyuk: Go right now!

18. I'm a loner
19. Love

Yonghwa: Wow, it's not enought if we stop here. So we prepared something very special. You liked it? I liked it too.
Jonghyun, why are you so bright today? Actually, I've seen Jonghyun smiles only 3 times.
Jonghyun: Frankly speaking, it's because I ate pork soup yesterday.
Yonghwa: Jonghyun, you ate it by yourself, right? I ate with brothers. Yesterday, Jonghyun went home by himself.
Jonghyun: I treated my friends.
Minhyuk: Pork soup was the best.
Yonghwa: Yesterday, when I ate with Minhyuk and Jungshin, Minhyuk seasoned it better than me.
Jonghyun: Minhyuk is good at seasoning always.
Yonghwa: Since I am Busan person, I tried to help him saying, "Minhyuk, let me do it for you." Minhyuk said, " No hyung, I will do it."
Minhyuk: He tried to put salted shrimps to my soup, but I already put it. I already did it.
Yes, we ate pork soup yesterday. Do you know only I ate two bowls? Ah it was really delicious.
Jonghyun: I even ordered steamed pork too, really. Anyway, pork soup is so delicious. I wish I could eat it in Seoul. (Talking about pork soup, Jonghyun became talkative)
For that(?), I will sing Love light.

20. Love light: Jungshin came down to audience seat and handed roses to fans. Yonghwa called him 'Jungshin over flowers'.

Yonghwa: We have many hidden surprise today, you don't know what will come out next.
Jungshin: Don't be sad although you couldn't get one.
Minhyuk: Jungshin, did you meet the audience well?
Jungshin: Yes I went to the audience seat and come back well.
Minhyuk: Did you have many eye contacts with fans?
Jungshin: Sure. I did eye contacts with all people who were at the position I passed.
Yonghwa: Next is Sweet holiday! Jonghyun?
Jonghyun: Ah! I am the one who start.

21. Sweet Holiday: The last part, 'Do you have same thought with me Oh Oh No', Minhyuk stood up and sang it.
Jonghyun shouted 'Ah cute! cute!', Yonghwa shouted 'Lovely!'.

22. Love revolution

Jungshin: We are going toward the end.
Yonghwa: But you should not be exhausted yet, do you?
Minhyuk: Let's jump hot with this song.
Yonghwa: You still have energy huh? OK
Minhyuk: Let's jump together. You got it?
Yonghwa: Let's jump with us.
Jonghyun: Today, knock down the KBS hall!!
Yonghwa: Knock down the KBS hall! Let's go!

23. Never too late: Jonghyun shouted "Jump!" at refrain.

Minhyuk: Thank you!
Jonghyun: Here we go again.


All came out with glittering wires. All lights out, Minhyuk performed drum solo with the glittering suits.
Fans shouted 'Kang Minhyuk! Kang Minhyuk!' He once stopped and said, "What did you say?"

24. I'm a loner burning version

Jonghyun: Hey! Put your hands up!
Yonghwa: Put your hands up. Are you ready?

25. Let's go crazy
26. High fly : skipped the first verse, started from the refrain.
27. Now or never

Yonghwa: Wow, we performed really cheerfuly today. Did you have fun?
Jungshin: It's Christmas eve. I hope you all could make really good memory. Did you have a good time?
Yonghwa: We tried to make you unforgettable concert, so you should not forget it. Am I right Jonghyun?
Jonghyun: Yes, you're right. I am really... I already said before, I feel like I'm dreaming I could have concert at Busan.
We will come often, so please come to see us often. Will you?! You promised me!
Yonghwa: Next song is 'Thank you'.
Audience: Minhyuk! Minhyuk!
Yonghwa: I will let Minhyuk speak.
Minhyuk: Dear everyone, he must talk about 'Thank you' first. Wait, I was having ear phone in my ear...
Hello everyone. Did you enjoy the concert today?
You cheered me too much from the first. I ran over paced. So I am tired a lot now. (Yonghwa and Jonghyun massaged Minhyuk's shoulder)
Aren't you tired? Wow you're the most powerful. Definitely CNBLUE fans are different.
Please finish today well, and enjoy to the last minute. Merry Christmas!
Jonghyun: Wow really...
Yonghwa: This song was in Japanese album. We changed it to Korean lyric and put it in regular album which is released next year.
I hope we can have concert often. If we have more songs, we can be a band who perform 4 hours concert. We will run till you all are exhausted.
Today Busan concert is the last concert of this year. Next year, we will meet you more often. OK? Thank you!
Jonghyun: Today, I will sing this song for you, the most wonderful people. Thank you so much.

28. Thank you

Jonghyun's popularity hit the sky. So many girls with Jonghyun's school uniforms (Songdo middle shool, Bukyung high school) shouted Jonghyun's name so badly. It really disturbed others. Maybe that's why Jonghyun apologized. But there were so many boys of Jonghyun's school too.
One fan met a bunch of boys on the way. They were saying they need to call to Yonghwa's mother. At the entrance, they called to someone, then a staff came out and brought them inside, maybe to the waiting room.
CNBLUE went to Busan the day before, and came back the next day. It's the first time they could spend two nights at their hometown since they debut.

Fanaccount Credit to : saturn.@soompi cnblue
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[VIDEO] It's Alright Daddy's Daughter Episode 08 & 09 Minhyuk cut


Source : http://codenameblue.wordpress.com
Video Credit: soleilavery@dailymotion
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[VIDEO] CNBLUE Perform "FELIZ NAVIDAD & LOVE" at Music Core Chrismast Special 2010.12.25


Credit : CrazyCarrot270@youtube
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VIDEO] Sulli and Jungshin imitating YongSeo on Inkigayo 2010.12.26


Credit to : khunye@youtube
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[NEWS] Yonghwa , Jungshin & Sulli’s resolution for 2011


MCs Sulli, Yonghwa, and Jongshin announced their wishes for the new year through “Inkigayo” last night.
If you’re wondering what happened to 2AMs Jo Kwon, the “kkab” MC wasn’t able to fulfill his duties on “Inkigayo” due to 2AM’s solo concert being scheduled that same night. As a result, CNBLUE’s Jongshin filled in.

During the broadcast, Yonghwa expressed,There isn’t much time left in 2010. I want to fulfill all the goals that I didn’t achieve this year.

Jungshin continued, ‘I want have a bobbed hairstyle and become an MC for Inkigayo next year.

But when it was Sulli’s turn, she hilariously confessed, ‘I hope that I won’t grow next year. I want to stop growing now.‘ Netizens have since nicknamed her as ‘Giant Sulli‘, and her comment has become a hot topic on the ‘net.

Source: Sports Today via Nate
 Credit :Allkpop.com
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[NEWS] Jungshin Join Yonghwa & Sulli being Special MC for Inkigayo this 26dec 2010


Episode 602
Show starts around 3:50pm KST (GMT +9)
Special MC : CN Blue Jungshin (replacing 2AM Jokwon, who can't make it due to 2AM solo concert on the same day)

# Special Stage #
- BEAST KiKwang & HyunSeung [Let It Snow]

# Hot Solo Debut #
- No Yu Min [EZ Song]

# Take 7 #
- G.Dragon & TOP [High High]
- Seo In Young [Into The Rhythm]
- T-ara [Yayaya]
- IU [Good Day]
- Sistar [How Dare You]

# Hot Music #
- Orange Caramel [A~ing]
- JJ [Ppang]

# Fresh Music #
- Yoseob & Drama [First Snow and First Kiss]
- Jang Yoon Jung [Olle (Christmas Ver.)]
- Woo Joo [Happy Together]
- Girl's Day [Nothing Last Forever]
- AB Avenue [Woman...Knows]
- Touch [Killin' Me]
- Kan Jong Wook [Boy]
- F1RST [You Like Me, I Like You]
- Chun.G [Stay]

# Power Rookie #
- Bebe Mignon [I Only Did Good]

# Job Song - T-ara #

Credit : Dailykpopnews.net
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[NEWS] SBS releases teaser for their “2010 Gayo Daejun


The ‘2010 SBS Gayo Daejun‘ is drawing nearer, and SBS has added to the anticipation by releasing a surprise teaser!

The teaser features F.T. Island, Narsha, KARA, SHINee, 2PM, B2ST, T-ara, Super Junior, After School, 2AM, CNBLUE, 2NE1, Se7en, GD&TOP, SNSD, and BoA.
While performances from any of the above are sure to electrify, many are looking forward to the dance battle between miss A and SISTAR. miss A is said to be going for the sexy concept, while SISTAR will be showing more of their strong and fierce charisma.

Source : Allkpop.com
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[NEWS] Donghae & Minhyuk ''It's Okay, Daddy's Daughter'' the magnaes' mental warfare attracting laughter


The adorable mental warfare between Super Junior Donghae and CNblue Minhyuk became a topic.

In SBS drama series , Wook Gi (Donghae's role) became someone who had nowhere to go and was under the control of the magnae (,) Yeon Doo. Although Yeon Doo started a mental warfare regarding the usage of formal language on Wook Gi (,) but Wook Gi thought that the way Yeon Doo behaved was rather cute, and (he) became more aware of his position as an older brother.

In the drama, the magnaes were both Donghae and Minhyuk. In actual fact, they are also the magnaes at the shooting scenes, and were seen inseparable throughout the shooting. At times (,) they'll discuss about each other's acting seriously and once they have the time (,) they'll crack jokes and present their playful side to everyone.

Staff workers who personally viewed the playful side of them said "Always seeing them together, the image of them practising and joking around is really adorable; a smile will unknowingly surface on our faces. And seeing them discuss about acting in a serious manner during the shooting, and solving problems together (,) (we) thought they were really handsome."

On the other side, narrated an insensible girl grasping the stories of life only through taking care of her sick father and (the drama) will be broadcasted on Monday and Tuesday at 8.50pm

Source: newsen.com
Shared by: in00022 @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Chinese translation: 空白 @ 【私伴时光】
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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[PHOTO] Minhyuk from It’s Alright Daddy’s Daughter Drama


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

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[VIDEO] Night After Night Episode 06 - Yonghwa cut 2010.12.20


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Video Credit: soleilavery@dailymotion
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[SCAN] Holika Holika Christmas Catalog


Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

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