[FAN ACCOUNT] CNBLUE 2nd Concert - Feel The BLUE 2010.12.18


2010.12.18 Feel The Blue: Just another fan account

Track list:
First part
01. Ready N Go
02. Voice
03. Black flower
04. One time
05. Just please
06. Y, Why
07. Lie
08. Cover songs: Geek in the Pink, Harder to Breathe, Let’s Get It Started
09. Eclipse
10. I will… forget you…
11. I Don’t Know Why with special DJ mix by Yong
Second part
12. Christmas songs: White Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Santa Claus is Coming to Town
13. I’m a Loner
14. LOVE
15. Love Light
16. Sweet Holiday
17. Love Revolution
18. Never Too Late
19. One of a kind
20. MinHyuk’s solo drum.
21. I’m a Loner (Burning version).
22. Let’s Get Crazy
23. High Fly
24. Now or Never
25. Komawoyo (Korean version of a.ri.ga.tou)

Please have patience when reading this long fan account full with unnecessary fangirling squeals,  after this cut

I’ve been crazy about this band since November last year and I always say to myself that one day I will go to their live concert and have my own fan account. Me being in different continent makes it difficult to accomplish even in one year span. So this is it. I’m the happiest Boice on earth today. I gave myself a nice present for my master study graduation (which happened last Monday): FEEL THE BLUE!

The concert started a bit late, around 6 something. The screen showed the lights wandering around the screen until it finally forms Feel The Blue. Then smokes filled the stage and the members rose up slowly from underground, complete with their instruments! They’re in casuals. Yong wore this checkered shirt, MinHyuk with tee and vest, Hyun and JungShin were also wearing shirts. The first song they performed was Ready N Go. Yong asked the audience to stand. Gosh, it was awesome. I literally jumped to the song. They immediately followed up with Voice. Yong diligently visited the left wing. After that the talk part (Saturn will translate it later kekeke, me with my pure fangirlism fan account). They continued with Black Flower and One Time. The same video at the first concert was displayed during One Time. Just Please rapping was done by JungShin in Korean. Yong voice cracked in the next song: Y, Why. Poor Yong, he must be very tired. I really want to hug him at that time. I lied, I kept looking at JongHyun kekeke. Next was Lie, one of my favorite songs. I could only keep staring at Hyun who’s so immersed singing that heartbreaking song. Anyway, after that they performed the medley of some western songs cover: Geek in the Pink, Harder to Breathe, and Let’s Get It Started. When Yong asked the audience to scream CNBLUE many times, I shouted as loud as I can. Despite having bad flu, I think I did fine. Well the result is I lost my voice now. During the Eclipse song, there are two girls behind me who kept talking to each other during that song. So rude, I feel like screaming to their face: shut up, this is my favorite song! Then continuing another acoustic guitar from him, JongHyun sang I Will… Forget You… pouring his heart out. At the last verse, the other members left the stage and the light was only on JongHyun. Then the song ended, so the lights went off. People screaming: Lee Jong Hyun! Lee Jong Hyun! many times. Unlike in the first concert where he left the stage coldly ignoring the fans, this time he’s laughing. His chuckling voice is so cute, I mean it’s dark and silent. Then he said loudly: Thank You and left the stage. Ah my baby, you learned from the last time right? I see you’re improving in this sociable skill kekeke. Then Yong appeared from the top with the synthesizer DJ-ing the song I Don’t Know Why. It was accompanied later on by the band but Yong stayed on top singing the song.  It ended the first part.
Between the first and second part, the screen played the video of their Golden Disk Awards, starting from leaving the FnC practice room to the red carpet, backstage with FT Island and Supreme Team, receiving the award, and the journey back to the dorm. JungShin sleeping face at the car is sooo adorable. The song they use for the bgm is Wanna Be Like You.

The second part began with Yong playing piano singing White Christmas. He’s sooo handsome with tuxedo. He focused on the piano, but there’s one time he looked at the camera showing off his charisma <3 <3 <3. And then the fake snow fell to the stage and to the audience. It was beautiful. Then other members appeared all in tuxedo and they continued with two more Christmas songs: Feliz Navidad and Santa Claus is Coming To Town (in Korean). JongHyun looked particularly happy. He even bent down playing guitar a bit to the audience in front.  After that, Yong asked the audience to pick which song they will perform later: I’m a Loner or LOVE. We want both and he said no. Anyway, they started with I’m a Loner. And they add 6 trumpet players since the Christmas songs, I’m a Loner, and LOVE. Before performing LOVE, Yong versus MinHyuk battle. Yong gave some beats with his mouth, and MinHyuk later imitated them with his drums. MinHyuk Daebak!!! The next song was Love Light. There’s one saxophone guy at the top accompanied them. Gosh, I love this version even more. Then the song whose lyrics’ written by MinHyuk: Sweet Holiday. Oh my God, I can tell that JongHyun is really witty in this. He doesn’t want to sing some part! Luckily the audience knows the lyrics by heart and sang to fill his space. At the last part, ooh ooh part, he deliberately postponed the last ooh. Naughty. P.S. I’m sorry if this fan account is mainly talking about JongHyun, my eyes are glued on him. T,T When they performed Love Revolution, again Yong could not hit the long high note at the end as he usually does. I really hope he will have time to rest and will give better performance in Busan concert. Yongyong, noona really wants to give you sweet holidaaaayyyy. T__T  In the next song, Yong can rest his voice because it’s JongHyun’s turn: Never Too Late. Yong went down the stage!! He went further to the aisle between C and D section. I was thinking, oh my God, he must be very near to Saturn. Aigooo… sooo envy. Okay, it’s rather inappropriate for me to say this green with envy thing since I’m quite lucky to breathe the same air with them tonight. You gals must be A LOT MORE envious than me kekeke. And there’s also MinHwa fan service. Yong went upstage to MinHyuk and stood right behind him. MinHyuk hit the drums while raised his head up looking to YongHwa’s face above him. For the last song, they performed One of a Kind. Hyun took off his tuxedo. I really hope he will take off the rest also but okay, that would be overboard. There’s a toddler sitting behind me, with his 5 years old sister sleeping.  Their grandma who went with them will freak out. I’m glad that they don’t mess up the lyrics this time. There are some parts they left them for the audience to sing but I think we didn’t do great job singing it.

So it should be encore time. We shouted and shouted asking for encore. Finally after 5 minutes, they showed this funny and witty video contained only sentences. I don’t remember the details but it’s basically asking the audience to scream ENCORE for 17 times. The countdown started and we did as the video told us. But they boys haven’t appeared back yet. Then the video asked again. So the words are in Korean and English translation below them. But there’s this sentence they don’t give translation and only said: it’s difficult to explain. WTF? Kekeke and it asked us again to LOOK HARD at the video again, to scream encore for 10 times, to turn off our lightsticks.. and they finally appeared!
It was dark and they appeared with this glow in the dark lines forming their bodies and instruments (guitars, bass, and drums). It was really nice. And the first song is actually MinHyuk’s solo drum. He’s good and people shouted Kang Min Hyuk! Kang Min Hyuk! to show the support. Baby drummer is getting better and better. MinHyuk ah.. hope you have more time next year to keep improving your drumming skill. Noona is soooo proud of you. Next is I’m a Loner (Burning version). They changed the outfit to even more casuals, plain tee. Yong and MinHyuk had white ones while JungShin and JongHyun had blacks. The next song was Let’s Go Crazy. After that some talks. They’re planning to sing the soundtrack of Acoustic. When JongHyun asked who have seen the movie, only a few people said yes, he looked shocked/sad. JungShin threw even more nasty remark saying only 3 people saw the movie kekeke. JongHyun asked if the audience knows the lyrics. I shouted yes along with other audience. He then said let’s sing together. Actually I don’t know it by heart, so I can’t help. I’m sorry, Hyun ah.. T,T. The fans voice is very week to the parts you left them to sing along. T,T Next they performed their first mini album title track: Now or Never. Before ending the concert with the last song, the Korean version of a.ri.ga.tou, each member has chance to talk except JungShin. Yong didn’t let him! Though we screamed JungShin! JungShin! Leader… T,T  And when it’s MinHyuk chance to talk, he just stood there behind the drums. So the audience asked him to going down to the main mic (Yong’s). He finally did it. He’s so shy, our Hwang Yeon Doo. T,T Anyway, a.ri.ga.tou is changed to komawoyo. They will include it in their next Korean album, planned to be released in February next year. Maybe because it’s in his mother tongue language, I just feel that it sounds better when JongHyun singing it in Korean. During this song, the video displays the pictures of their training time in Japan last year. I’ve seen most of those pictures, but there’s one picture I’ve never seen before. MinHyuk and JongHyun’s faces filled the picture frame with big smile. Gosh, I want to have that picture. Then it’s officially over. They hold hands together facing the audience and bowed. I refused this reality. I don’t want this concert to end! But we must give these boys proper rest after the awesome jobs tonight, right.

Overall, it’s my first CNBLUE concert and I’m still in cloud nine right now. DAEBAK cannot express it properly but I don’t have any term in mind right now. This is my first time to be very crazy about one group from Korea and I’m glad it’s an instruments band with talented yet humble members: CNBLUE.

Many thanks to wonderful Boice who usually I meet online, now I can see them in real life. Saturn, dunno what I would do without you, thank you for the big help starting from buying the ticket, going around here and there for us and explaining every tidbits. You’re the most wonderful Boice I’ve ever known. I hope you won’t get tired of us. Also to Fukiko, dunno if you read this, glad that finally I met you! You’re very nice person. Thank you for the wonderful gift, wish I could give you something from Netherlands but I didn’t know you will attend the concert. To Falling, it was really great spazzing everything about the boys with you. Sorry can’t hit you on msn, wifi problem. Let’s keep our promise, be a BOICE forever until we are grandma and they’re grandpa bands. Let’s meet tomorrow again!

* Kyaaa chiara..really envy with u..tskkk *

Credit : chiara @ http://codenameblue.wordpress.com
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[FANCAM] CNBLUE 2nd Concert - Feel The BLUE 2010.12.18


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 Sharing by BOICEMinShin3@youtube

101218 CNBLUE Feel The Blue VCR (GDA)

And saturn.@soompi mention something about this video
After part 1, we saw a video clip. It was filmed at the day of Golden Disk Awards. We could see behind the stage and rehearsal and red carpet…
Yonghwa was asked what was the hardest thing, and he answered there’s no hard thing at all so far. He just appreciated all works he could do, and was enjoying every work.
When he was asked what’s his goal in the future, he answered within 6 years, he would hit the number one of Billboard chart. I don’t know what 6 years mean, not 5 years or 10 years. It’s accurate. Maybe something is in his mind. I guess 6 years is the maximum period he can postpone his military duty, so he wants to accomplish something specific before his military duty.
The words on screen at the end of the video is TOUCHING.
It’s a day a little special.
But just as usual, inside the car heading home
We fell asleep … AGAIN
Though once in a while we feel tired and find life tough
We LOVE living our lives now as CNBLUE

Chinese trans by karekano @ jungyonghwa.cn
English trans by klaritia

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