[VIDEO] Night After Night Episode 03 - Yonghwa cut 2010.11.29


[ Yonghwa Singing Lovelight ]

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[VIDEO] It’s Alright Daddy’s Daughter Episode 02 - Minhyuk cut 2010.11.29


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[PHOTO] Jungshin Endorsing Cemula Bags


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[TRANS] You’re Beautiful Guidebook Vol. 2 – Jung Yonghwa 100Q&As


1. Real Name?
Jung Yonghwa

2. Birthday?
22 June 1989

3. Hometown?

4. Current height as of September 2010

5. Shoe size as of September 2010
260~265 mm (Size 8-8.5 in US)

6. A secret that only you know
Reddish mole on my arm

7. Your childhood nickname?

8. What did you want to become when you were young?
An artist or a musician

9. Describe your personality in one word

10. Favourite season?
Spring, winter

11. Artists you admire?
In Korea: Jang Dong Gun and Won Bin
In Japan: Kimura Takuya
For musicians: In Korea it would be Yoon Do Hyun Band
Various foreign artists like Bon Jovi, Jason Mraz, Pharrel, Kanye West

12. What do you want to do in 10 years time?
After 10 years: music, after 20 years: still music, even after 100 years: still music

13. When do you want to get married?
When I really want to

14. How many kids do you want to have?
Two kids

15. What kind of father do you want to be?
A father that’s like a friend

16. What do you hold on to?
Beauty that can be felt in the eyes

17. Song you often sing at karaoke?
There’s a lot

18. Favourite clothing brand?
Lanvin and Givenchy, etc
For Japanese designer brands: Junya Watanabe, Comme des Garcons
But I think rather than the price tag of the brand, it’s more important that the clothes fit you well

19. Favourite fashion item?
Shoes, and clothes that have a fashion point

20. Thing you hate the most?
Bees, cockroaches

21. Thing that bothers you lately?

22. Most wanted item now?
Virus TI – a synthesizer

23. Mobile phone color?
24. Current ringtone?
CNBLUE’s song

25. Background picture?
The original picture – sky

26. The first thing you do when you wake up?
Drink a cup of coffee

27. The last thing you do before going to bed?
Listening to music or composing

28. What do you wear to sleep?

29. What do you think is the best thing about being an artist?
More than what’s good about being an artist, I think it’s good that we can share our music to a lot of people

30. If you could turn back the time, what time would you like to go back to?
To middle school. I studied music really hard since then….

31. Favourite animal?

32. Life motto
The Power of Positive Affirmation

33. What would you do if you’re given a one-week holiday?
Travel alone

34. What’s the best thing you’ve heard lately?
“Live tickets sold out”

35. Question you often hear?
Annyeonghaseyo~ (How do you do?)

36. When was your first love?
First year of high school

37. What kind of girl was she?
A girl who made me freeze and speechless, and made my heart skip

38. Have you ever been dumped?
Whenever I couldn’t say the words: “let’s break up”

39. How will you confess? Through a letter, phone, email or in person?
I’ll make an appointment to meet her through email and phone, then after I confess to her personally I’ll give her a letter. (how sweeettt~~~)

40. First kiss?
Ah… it’s a secret (yonghwa ya~~ why so secretive?? xD)

41. Where will you have your wedding?
I still don’t know…

42. If you won a 100 million lottery, what would you do with the money?
I want to create a recording studio

43. If you have a pet?

44. What would you call it?
My current dog is called Jjingi dongsaeng, Yong-ee

45. Favourite movie genre?

46. Sport you are best at?
Basketball. That’s why I like the Japanese drama Buzzer Beat

47. The last item you bought in Tokyo (Japan)?
I haven’t bought anything lately

48. When was the last time you felt anxious?
When I made a mistake during a live performance

49. When do you feel like a genius?
Umm… never

50. What music do you listen to when you’re down?
CNBLUE’s one time

51. Favourite color?
Gold, silver, black and blue

52. Favourite words?
“You’re an all-rounder”

53. What are you currently into?
Electro Sound Band

54. Favourite food?

55. Least favourite food?

56. Favourite alcohol drink?

57. Perfume you currently wear?
Marc Jacobs and Dsquared2

58. Which one do you prefer: pig or rabbit?

59. Reason for it?
Because it’s cute

60. What did you think when you heard the name “A.N.JELL” for the first time?
A pure / white feeling

61. Person you respect?
My parents

62. Family members
Father, mother, hyung (big brother) and me

63. Do you look like your father or mother?
I think half-half

64. What does your family call you?
By my name – Yonghwa

65. Tell us one thing about your friends in your hometown?
Wild and loyal

66. Book or comic you currently read
Book: Secret

67. In a fight, will you apologize first?
I’m the type who’ll apologize first

68. The last time you cried?
I haven’t cried lately

69. The reason you cried?
-didn’t answer-

70. Thing you did first compared to the other three members?
Play a musical instrument

71. Do you prefer to play in the mountains or the sea during summer?

72. The happiest moment of your life?
Every time I go on a live show

73. When you felt moved the most?
When I did my first live, hearing a lot of fans cheering

74. The saddest moment in your life?
When I was diagnosed with vocal cord nodules

75. The biggest mistake in your life?
I don’t think I have one yet

76. Your first memory?
-didn’t answer-

77. Favourite part of body or face?
Eyes (agree!!)

78. Least favourite part of body or face?
Lips (eehh there’s nothing wrong with your lips, imho?? xD)

79. Place you really want to go now?
The sea

80. One thing you must do everyday?
I’ll still turn on the composing software even when I’m not composing

81. Your own jinx?
Has to go to the bathroom right before live performances

82. Your best subject?
English and Physical Education

83. Your worst subject?

84. Words often used on your report card?
Has the talent for music and sports

85. Extracurricular club activities during school?
Band club, Current Issues discussion club, Billiards club, Red Cross Youth

86. When did you get your driving license?
Still haven’t got it yet (*pat-pat* you’ll get it someday – this is roughly around September -)

87. Special talent?

88. An item you are most proud of in you room?
Music equipment (system) that I gradually upgrade

89. Childhood treasure?

90. Things you must bring before leaving home?
MP3, wallet

91. Songs you listen to these days?
Fenech-Soler – Lies and Passion Pit – The Reeling

92. The most number of times you have done NGs till now?

93. Other artist friends?
A.N.JELL, FTIsland

94. If you were to make your own 100 Q&A, what question will be included?
What do you want to be in the future?

95. And the answer would be?
I’ll work hard as CNBLUE and work hard in acting as well.

96. Express Jang Keun Suk in one word?
A talented male actor

97. Express Park Shin Hye in one word?
An emotional female actress

98. Express Lee Hong Ki in one word?
Someone who’s mature beyond his age

99. Where did you write this?

100. What will you do after this?
Listen to music and then sleep

Source: Korean Drama Official Guidebook: You’re Beautiful Vol.2
Japanese to Korean Translation:
Yurerukaze’s blog
Korean to English Translation:
blue_jus7 @ Code Azzurro
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[NEWS] CNBLUE & Various Artists to perform at 12th Korea-China Music Festival


On December 2nd, CNBLUE with artists from Korea and China will be performing at the 12th Korea-China Music Festival in KBS Hall, Seoul.
The event is jointly organized by China’s CCTV and Republic of Korea’s KBS. The event was organized as part of the effort to promote cultural exchange between the two countries. Some of the Kpop artists who will be performing at the annual events besides SNSD are CN Blue, Kara, SHINee, 2NE1, Supreme Team, etc.
12th Korea-China Music Festival will be aired on KBS 1TV on December 12th

Source : dailykpopnews.net
Credit: t.sina.com.cn/1750530224 || Sweetpotatodays
Edited: RoyalFuchsia@SMTownJjang
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